Sunday, July 25, 2010

Inside the Home For Sale~

Promised inside photos!
What a stairwell...You don't really want it do you??? 
Thinking about dusting...

Look at the detail on the underneath of the stairway...It also had a back staircase. I didn't get a pic of.

Stained glass on nearly every window...

Two different sets of double pocket doors, can you imagine?

great trim work everywhere you look!

More stained glass, if you please, and some chandys, too!!!

Dark, sorry, but wanted to show you the grand openings, throughout.

Front entrance with chandelier

How about these tin ceilings and the glass door knobs?

The Realtor said she didn't think anyone had lived here in 20 years.  If we could just get 200 of us,  to pay a thousand each, we could purchase this gem! lol, wouldn't that be fun!

Built ins with glass knobs, sun room, and this  huge added on room  with brick floors...It is really huge!

Windows on all three sides of the sun room. I could enjoy a cup of coffee, here.

One last shot of the outside! Bye Bye, big ole' home!

I've still got some pics of the shops there, things we bought, and some outsides of other cool homes around our B & B, so will post when I get the chance. Planning a trip with William to Jefferson, Texas, also.  The wedding went great and took pics of that as well. We went to some really cool shops, too!

If you haven't looked at all the party links this month on 
you are missing out! I and the other partiers would love for you to go take a look and join up while  there



marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh this really is such a lovely old home. Wouldn't it be wonderful to redo it. Just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

shannon i olson said...

Love the glass and pocket doors, oh can I sit and have coffee to on the deck. How lovely, God did not give me money, cuz he knew I would have spent it all and still couldn't buy the house. grrrr

Granny J said...

Thanks for the tour of that lovely home. If I were fortunate to be able to buy it I wouldn't change a thing. Just hire me three maids to help keep it clean. lol

C.J. said...

pretty cool place. thankx!

Mona Kay at Home said...

Oh, I just love it!! I was making a mental list of all the pics I like, and it's too long to mention...I love them all! What a gorgeous house.

I would definitely dust that staircase!! So worth it...Thanks for sharing with us!

Linda said...

This would be a fun house to restore~ such great bones and special accents...all those stained glass windows!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Be still my Heart! What a dream home for me for sure.Count me in on the 1000.00 I would love to own a lil piece of that Pie............Yummo!

Thanks for sharing and all your sweet comments.I can't wait to see more.~Cheers Kim

trash talk said...

I love pocket doors. I don't know why builders don't continue doing that. Such a space saver and so practical!
Great old home...She's a beauty.

Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

I am officially moving there...HOW MUCH FUN would it be to furnish, decorate, paint, etc etc etc....


Holly said...

That is the kind of house I want to live in! I'll send my check! A timeshare perhaps?

artteachergirl said...

I can't believe I missed this post, came over for the peach cobbler and there was the inside of that beautiful house. Just out of this world!! Those stain glass windows are amazing! I want it!!!!

Susanne said...

Wow, love this house! Do you think my husband would mind the commute?

Diann said...

Oh, the beauty of all of it! I am in love!

My hubby and I stopped at an old victorian home that was for sale near where we camp. It has been abandonded since 1973! The house it on it's last legs. It made me so sad to see all the abuse that the house has gone through.