Wednesday, September 1, 2010

8 Questions~????????~

 Beyond the Garden Gate sent me 8 questions to answer, 
so here goes!!!

1. Who had the biggest impact on your life and why?

Moma, because she raised me to trust God and treat people right. She is an example to our whole family, showing us that loving each other as Christ loves us is what makes a person happy and satisfied.

2. Of all the teachers you had in school, who was your favorite and why?

Mrs. Grubbs in 3rd grade, because she gave me, the shy girl, the lead in the play.

3. What is your favorite bubble bath/ bath salts?

Don't have a favorite~

4. How much time a day do you spend traveling to work and what do you do in that time?

Maybe three minutes~ I usually put on my lip stick.

5.  What was the very first concert you ever went to and would you see them again now?

I've never really been to a big concert, I don't think?  But I like lots of music...Rod Stewart, maybe! lol

6. Of all the things you have bought at rummage sales or thrift shops, which one is your favorite all time find and why?

Hardest question yet! So much too choose from~ hmmm... Probably a trash find actually: a metal sign or a Coca Cola bench...

7. If you could start all over and be what you want to be, what profession would you pick now that you are older and wiser?

Maybe a window dresser or set designer

8. Of all the talents that you have, which one is your all time favorite and why?

Decorating with junk finds and using them in a different way and decorating for parties. It is my favorite, because it is different than anyone else, even a fellow junkers, and you can throw a really cool party, very economically, by just using things around the house.  It touches a creative side in me that I always felt, but didn't know how to show it, because I am not an artist, but still feel a need to create. I also love words~ like short sayings and stories or just letters.

Now, by the rules I am suppose to pass this on to 8 other folks, but I'm just gonna' pass it on to anyone who wants to play along~ Go  here to get your questions, or just make up 8 of your own ! I think it will be fun to read a little more about you!

 All questioned out~But here's a little junkin' jaunt~

 Rusted to perfection...

and all blinged out, just the way I like my junk!

Without the top, I could see this as a tree stand, 
or with Christmas lights in it, 
what a pretty pattern it would make!!!



The Green Pea said...

Love that wash tub! Just think of all the clothes that have been washed in there! thankful for washing machines today.....sandi

C.J. said...

love your "junk"! please come over to my new blog, follow if you like it.
thanks, Carol

Anonymous said...

Lezlee, wonderful answers. You were the shy girl? Hmmm. ...and you REALLY do love rust (haha). I think you would be a wonderful set designer, my friend. I think that God has you right where he wants you -- blogging with us and helping us appreciate all the wonderful junk in our lives. Great post!

Granny J said...

I had a little stove like yours. It was light green and the top was still shiny. I used it for a candle stand for big fat candle. I like the rusty one better though. Give me some good old rust any day. The wash tub stand should find a new home at my house. I've always wanted one of those. As you say, rusted to perfection.

Melissa said...

I really like the wash tub stand and the trumpet.

trash talk said...

Yay for Mrs. Grubbs! I would have loved to have seen that play!

Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

That would make a wonderful tree stand!! What a fun post.

Tamarah said...

Hello Lezlee....!

I hope this note finds you well....! I ENJOYED learning more about you my junky Friend but would have to DISAGREE with one observation you made about yourself....A WONDERFUL lady 'said' to me recently when I noted that I was not 'artistic' that in fact I was....The art I create is simply different from what is generally perceived to be 'art' & this is the SAME for you Lezlee....I think you are VERY artistic & CREATIVE & I LOVE that you are able to share that with ME all the way down here.... :o) !

Take care now & have a FAB weekend....!

Tamarah :o)

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you Lezlee
We all deserve this honor, and I thank you for visiting my place to see whats making me smile.
Keep inspiring girl!

Keri said...

lOVE YOUR ANSWERS. GREAT junk, errr I mean finds. Your blog looks awesome.

Rene W. said...

I love teachers who can see that potential in their students :) I was the shy girl at times too. Thanks so much for coming back to my blog. It's been a rough couple of months, so my blog-hopping has been really off-kilter!