Monday, February 21, 2011

Great Shows in the Neighborhood!

Two shows I don't want to miss, but not sure I'll get there, 
but if I do tell me, "Hi!" 
and if I don't tell them, "Lezlee sent you!"
& bring me back something!!!

my bedroom!

NOT, it's Pottery Barn...BUT, maybe I'll just move in!

I have furniture about this color and have thought, not very seriously of painting it, 
but this photo makes me love it again, even if mine is a very early 80's style...
It was the first REAL furniture we purchased.


The Primitique said...

Aww! Thanks for the plug! I hope you can make it. ~Mindy

Tete said...

I have the 80's bedroom furniture too! In a darker wood, and I love it! It's a different world in there, romantic and cozy. It's my escape room.
I'm not changing it ever. My husband picked it out and I liked it, too. It was also our first major furniture purchase. We got the head and foot boards, night stands and dresser with the big mirror with shelves on the inside. It also has pressed acorns in the head board. We live in Oakland. It was the style we were looking for with big ball posts.

JunkinJane said...

What caught my eye in the pottery barn pic is the clothline above the bed with photos and such. I love the colors in the room.

The Green Pea said...

Hello Lezlee,

I like the photo of the bedroom. I also have a 70's wood bedroom set. I also thought of painting it. It might be very nice or a big mistake! I need to think about it longer....
Have a good day. sandi

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I wish I lived closer to where they have these kind of shows. Hope you get to go. To paint or not to paint is a question I ask almost daily. I usually cop out and leave it as is. The P.B. picture is pretty. laurie

Red Shed Cottage Chic Antiques said...

'bout had a heart attack! I was moving in Thanks for mentioning our sale!