Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ki Nassuer

Ki Nassauer, Editor-in-Chief of Flea Market Style magazine
and author of several junking books, will be making 2 appearances at Winnie & Tulula's
  Mark your calendar for Friday evening April 29th from
4 - 7pm, and Saturday afternoon April 30th
11am - 3pm.
Come flea with me on a junkture...(junk adventure) to Athens, Texas where we will explore

Winnie and Talula’s, set in historic downtown Athens, it is touted as not being your mother’s antique mall, displaying an array of vendor's wares in a cohesive, non-booth way makes for an eye popping, shopping experience.  These cutting edge shop keepers, with their ingenious style, offer not only one of kind goods, but showcase them in ways that get the creative juices flowing.  Owned and operated by Gloria of Sweet Peas, well known for her exquisite collection of custom bedding… recently added The Sweet Pea Bistro, for our dining pleasure.  Winnie and Talula’s is truly a treat to the senses, offering unique shopping events throughout the year, with the next such event  being held On April 29th and 30th, when  Winnie and Talula will feature Editor in Chief of Junk Market Style Magazine, Ki Nassauer. Ki is the founder of Junk Revolution and Junk Bonanza, and author of junk decorating books, among many other accomplishments.  Ki, rhymes with "Hi", will be visiting with shoppers and bloggers, while handing out decorating tips, as she promotes her latest addition of Flea Market Style magazine, out now on newsstands.  Don't miss talented East Texan, Margo Arrick’s booth at Winnie and Talula's, aptly named,Ruff Stuff, supplies the “ruff” materials needed to create your own style.  Margo is also an Editor at Large for Flea Market Style magazine, in which one edition featured a five page spread on First Monday Trade Days.  If you live anywhere close, don't miss the chance to be around a slew of creative and sweet folks... those Talula Heads are bursting with sweet creativity!

Until our next “Junkture”... remember the words of Thomas Edison …  

“All you need to invent is an imagination and big pile of junk”



Coleen's Corner said...

Whoa! Junk celebrity! Sounds like a "must see"!

I'm Ransomed said...

This is me whimpering 'cause I can be there. Have fun!

shannon i olson said...

so jealous!! have fun

Lisa Phillippi said...

Man oh man I wish I could come ....But I might be comming for Canton the first weekend of May.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

sounds like fun... don't know if I can make it...
You got some really bad storms today on your side of the lake...
How are you and yours?
Hope you all came through ok.
Post an 'all systems go' Post for us!