Monday, February 6, 2012

Finally...My Fresh Towel Holder, Chalk Board, and Button Snowflakes

Well, we finally made it to Mindy's to pick up my sweet red rack! I purchased from her FB page...but first, we wanted to stop at a couple of other favorite places...they were not open, yet, so I took one look at the two gals waiting in the car next to us, and asked, "Hey, do you want to follow us to another cool place, instead of just waiting around for these stores to open?" After they answered, "Yes."   I warned them, U-turns would be involved and sure enough, I was right, but it was worth it!  And, I was happy to bring some new shoppers to The P!  Would you have followed complete strangers down winding country roads, just for the promise of good junk?  Oh, we got some other good things, wait and see!

I  used a chalk pen to write on here...
I told my family, when I bought new towels,
"Now, you guys can use these...I just wanted some new ones." 
...Still, everyone who came in kept asking me....
so, when I wanted to write something on the flat surfaces, 
  I just thought, shoot,  I know just the thing!
...Still, no one has used one!

Another finally, lol, 
finally, my sign doesn't say "Merry Christmas" anymore! 
I thought "my heart" saying would be appropriate for Valentine's.

and finally, I love my button snowflakes,
so ~ they will be renamed, stars, after the winter season...
and stay up indefinitely !



Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hey GORGEOUS....!!!!!

LOVE your new towel rack.... I guess no-one wants to be the first to 'mess' up your YUMMY display.... You might have to take one out to get the ball rolling....!!

Your button flakes are ADORABLE.... Im so using that idea next Christmas....!!

Have a GREAT week Lezlee....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Vintage and Company said...

Love the button snowflakes, i mean stars... maybe leaves for fall? Hope you are doing well!

Daphne said...

Congrats on the new rack! It looks wonderful in that space. The stars are definitely worth using year round!

Special 'K' said...

Thank you for sharing your special treasures. I adore your new towel rack its beautiful. I will follow on my way out because I am sure I will enjoy engaging and supporting your special place now I have found you. I hope you will find a little time to come visit me soon. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

The Primitique said...

I am still cracking up at the caravan concept! Find 'em and bring 'em to The P! Love it! Thanks for coming out and I really love what you did with the red rack. And you know? I really, really like the button star. A lot. A whole lot. Will you be selling any? Hugs! ~Mindy