Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bedsprings, Patriotic Cones, & Coffee Filter Flowers!

Priorlives House 
 decked out for a patriotic summer...
starting out with Memorial Day, 
The 2nd Annual Parade Party, 4th of July Celebrations,
 then toss in the Olympic Games 
and we are singing Yankee Doodle Dandy all summer long.

Rusty bed springs make perfect cone holders!
The curly wire jutting off each side, reminds me of fireworks.

Here is the link for these cones...the directions say to use card stock. 
Mine are coffee dyed computer paper...what I had on hand. 

 and YEs!!!! 
The stairs are Done!

I love being off in the summer...
getting  up early, before the sun begins its morning shine

I was always lacking sleep as a young mom...
with dreams of sleeping in.
now, I can pretty much go to bed when I wish and rise whenever...
so it seems I would sleep in,
not so...
I love to get up early
especially when there is no agenda 
other than thinking about the day ahead,
while counting my blessings along the way!

 flowers from coffee filters...easy peasy...
 I must say, 
I am having a love affair with paper, lately.
Notice my outdoor flag, 
leaning...waiting to wave this morning.  
As soon as the paint dried... 
we were so proud and anxious to purchase a flag!

For anyone just joining or browsing my blog, 
my husband spent 20 years in the military.
I am very proud of his service to our country
 & have a multitude of fond memories of my days
 as an Air Force wife
& Mother to 5 Air Force Brats!
Also, the precious times spent 
with my sisterhood of Air Force wives,
bonded by adventure, homesickness
 and duty,
so young, we were...

I wrote "Love One Another" adding a touch of Valentine's during February
...decided to leave it, when I redecorated my cloche for summer with "Land that I Love".

A bed spring makes a good "frog" to hold materials upright.

The eagle is a thoughtful gift picked out by  our youngest son, 
for his dad, 
at his school's Santa's Gift Shop, back when he was a little guy.

The flag has sentiment linking back to our Air Force days.

Cloches are 3D collages...and I adore collages.

It's fun embracing each season, family event,
 or holiday, 
excluding Christmas, 
I do not desire to tear apart my whole house.
 I get great celebration mileage by redoing my entry...

 one no hassle way to give each season a nod
 is my entry table and cloche.
My accent of red works well, for most holidays.

loving my black and white doors...

Can you see what is peeking just beyond the door?!!!!

Our New Driveway and Pavers! 

 The lamp is Goodwill, 
while the cool red script shade is Joann's Fabric.
The red shutters are trash finds, I painted, 
and of course that is old blue, you see a bit of.

 Sandra dried the awesome Hydrangeas,
& the number five is from
 the Victorian Lady Tea Room, 
Janice has other numbers, too.
What's your number???

This Grandma is lucky. 
These little two year old darlings love to dump the toys, 
but they are so good with my clutter  decor.
They love each other and their cozy corner, 
and my heart overflows with love for them.

school's out
for the SUMMER!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


Laurel@chippingwithcharm said...

Sounds like fun and looks great...enjoy :) Laurel

artteachergirl said...

Those stairs are beautiful!!! Sweet, sweet post! I love getting up early too, but I also love staying up late so I have to find a balance during the summer. Those sweet grandbabies are growing! Vicki

The Whistle Stop said...

Your home looks beautiful! Enjoy your summer!

nancy said...

5 is my favorite number! So, if that sign goes missing, do not come to my house!

Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon said...

What an incredibly patriotic home! Love those little cones! Thank you for sharing with us at Uncommon! Featuring this today on our FB page! ;)

alice said...

Love it all! The stairs look super as well as the pavers and drive way!
Smiles, alice

alice said...

I forgot to say those grand babies are just precious! Maybe
You will be coming to Benbrook this summer! :-)

Marty said...

You have amazing decorating ideas. Everything looks so awesome. I would like to make one of the jars with some of my sons things. Love it.Miss you girl.

Femme Fatale Hunter said...

Love your home and your way with words! Miss you, Lezlee!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hey Lezlee....!

I hope you've been well Lovey....!!

I LOVE your 'spring' cones & agree with Vicki....Your stairway is GORGEOUS....!!!!!

How do you get any work done though with those two little CUTIES around....**wink**....??!!


Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah xxx

Corrie said...

Precious post and grandchildren! Thanks for including our patriotic cones. They look great filled with the coffee filters as a decoration!

Honey at 2805 said...

Your home is beautiful! What a fabulous room, made so special with your special touches!

Happy 4th of July!

Daphne said...

OK: somehow your blog fell off my reading list. Gee thanks, Blogger! I'm enjoying catching up on all these nice posts!