Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Past

Would some one come over the Sunday after Thanksgiving and put up my tree...???

I've been kind of busy being a Grandma to Aubrey... It won't be difficult. I've even given you pictures to go by.

Who ever helps will be my favorite! (not really I just look really young in this picture, so I wanted to include it)

Lights off, Lights on!!!

Jeremy, I'll let you put
on the lights!!!
You and Josh
don't have to argue about it!

Well, William you actually do look busy, carving at Nancy' house. So, how about it? Who wants to help decorate the tree?

Aimee can't she's so busy in college, now! (but you are coming home for Thanksgiving, aren't you?)

Jacob, CAN YOU HEAR ME????

Come on Jared, you don't look That busy!

Come on, don't just sit there grinning, help me out!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!

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~Matthew and Jodi Beth~ said...

You are going to have to get at it Sunday because it is also Jerri's shower! I was planning on putting mine up that day too but I can do it during the week since I won't have to work!:)