Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vintage Themed Baby Shower

Another baby shower...

A real cloth diaper... I had to concentrate pretty  hard to remember how to fold them... the diapers are so cool, because you can change what you put inside and match them to the shower theme. I've used pink tulle with very girly filler and animals for a jungle theme. Also pinned them together as a tablecloth for the gift table. 

I did actually  use cloth with the first 3 kiddos! Did any of you!?

The framed ultrasound picture background material is what the nursery is done in...So everyone at the shower had a little peek of the nursery...

This shower had a vintage theme...because new mommy likes that kind of thing, and so do I!
Golden Books, old blocks and tops, and vintage Fisher Price desk set, balloons...each table had an old game board anchoring the centerpieces.
I used the Golden Books to elevate food trays and stuffed in some of the diapers with the blocks and tops...
Didn't take many pictures that day...

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artteachergirl said...

I love the Vintage themed shower! So different!!
I recognize some of those ABC toys and magnetic letter sheets. I have one that says DRAW on my white board right now. You are so creative!

Casual (dash) Cottage said...

Oh, wow! These are great ideas for the baby shower. I'm having one for my daughter next month and am in the planning stages right now... I love this idea with the diaper, and the play school desk. Oh, and the Tupperware Dog!

Great ideas!

Coleen's Corner said...

You're so creative! I never would have thought to dig through the toys to come up with decorations - brilliant!

judi said...

love the baby shower ARE so creative lezlee!

i will have to watch the biggest loser this week...i catch it every so often. how sweet that she's from your area.

judi ;)