Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Festivities in a Small Town

Mabank has gone all out decorating hay bales ~  
perfectly displaying what small towns are all about!


A black cat, but we are the Panthers, too.

This was an insurance company. They all go along with whatever business decorated them.

 a swimming pool company

there are more, but that is enough for now...I think you get the idea!

Mabank is all out festive, and I love it!

Thank you Marilyn Jones for all the pictures!

Falling for Autumn


Tete said...

This is so much fun and for the whole town to do it- that's awesome! Love the little shops all in a row!
Hugs- Tete

The Primitique said...

OH my goodness! I love 'em! So much fun! And what a wonderful community to play out loud like that! ~Mindy

glenda said...

Now that's decorating hay while the sun shines. Very fun and entertaining...I loved and I love the tour of your treehouse, somehow I missed that.

artteachergirl said...

So much fun!

Kirsty said...

Wow love the haybail cat!

trash talk said...

I saw the one on the highway on my way to W&T's. Didn't know there were more...I would have made a side trip. Who knew there was that much talent in one little town. Someone needs to send this in to "Sunday Morning"...Bill Geist would love this (He did a segment on Royer's and I bet he like nothing better than to come back to Texas)! Call Bob Phillips too while you're at Ellen!

kimmykats said...

AWESOME!! Bless small town America.

Granny J said...

It's so neat when small towns really get together like that. You can tell everyone is proud of y'alls sports teams. Lots of great imagination going on there.

Coleen's Corner said...

What a wonderful little corner of the world! I wish our little community was so creative. By default the only creative bales around here look like someone has dropped a bag of curlers in the field - and that's just the stretch of my imagination - lol. I might have to get busy and spark some ideas around here. Thanks for sharing!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

that is so amazing!
What creativity!
My fave is the school bus!
Wish they did something like that in our small town!

shannon i olson said...

That is fun! nothing like a small town.

~Matthew and Jodi Beth~ said...

Thanks for putting those up mom! I hadn't seen some of them that were out in the country.

red.neck chic said...

You know... I SO think I live in the wrong town... LOLOLOL

Right up my alley!!! Those are so much fun!!!

;-D robelyn

Creative Ambitions said...

Wow! Some of them are crazy cool! That is so neat that the whole town does this... I love it!


Jenn Erickson said...

I positively love it! So much creativity! Small towns are the best!

Jenny said...

Wow, these are soooo cool!
I want to visit this town -- it looks fun!

Thanks for your sweet comment. I LOVED the story about the prom pics at your daughter's wedding. How lovely.


GREG said...

I saw a few of these on my way to Dallas the other day.Thanks for sharing the rest of them with us.Some very creative artist in Mabank.Thanks..........Greg

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I just love it whenb whole towns come together for something like that. The community spirit here is awesome.

I have been known to shed a tear at such an event. Events that bring people together like this warm my heart.

I'm your new follower!


Linda said...

Oh my gosh, Lezlee...this is TOO fun! Thanks for sharing it with us! LOVE it!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

So cute!!! Love them!

Le Chateau des fleurs by Frenchy said...

HAHAHA That is soooo cool !

Eileen said...

Wow. totally awesome! I never saw so many bails of hay in so many forms of decoration. Super job!

Rene said...

I love a small town for this very reason. Very cute.


Donna said...

These are hilarious! Looks like someone takes their hay bales seriously! My favorite is the black cat, but I also really love the one at the hair salon! How fun!!