Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Mother Ship is Calling

Yep, the Mother Ship is landing at Round Top, Texas...and I'm gonna' be there, and I'm bringing some outlaws a posse! So, please, if you're gonna' be there and you're reading this, let me know, please...I want to say a big TEXAS " Hey!", and are you going to...

I'm pretty sure I am!!!

Our bloggy friend from down under will be there! Tamarah, REALLY...Can you believe it...?!!!
We are both about to bust with delight!  Check out her junk extravaganza!

If you can't come, I hope to take lots of pictures, you know I'd take you all. if I could!

So thrilled to have my Coke Bench Story featured on Donna's Funky Junk Blog sidebar, go visit her and help name her new decor style book, in the works!

And I loved being featured on  Holly's Tickled Pink Party, such a fun party, anything that tickles you sweet is that! She was tickled over my little table and chairs, because they remind her of the set she still has from childhood.

I have a couple of other exciting irons on the fire, but more on that later, gotta go pack,
YEE HAW!!!!!

     ZApp hALL


P.S. Any tips or advice welcome, we are all first timers!!!


The Green Pea said...

When you said, that you were going to be at Thresa's blog party I tried to make a way to be there to meet you. I felt so bad that I could not be there. I remembered that you offered to meet me at Canton, at my last visit to Tx, but it was so icy that I could not make it to Canton. I know we will meet on one of my next visits. I wish you the best of fun at Round Top. I Wish I could be there too! Have fun, and hope to meet you soon in person. sandi

Mimi Kinder said...

Lez, All my bags are packed I'm ready to go!! Well, will only pack one bag since I will need room to bring back all of our treasures!!! SK

Anonymous said...

Yay! A new bloggy friend! I WILL be at Theresa's partay! Looking forward to meeting you.


The Whistle Stop said...

Wish I was going... the day job always gets in the way of having fun! Ha! Take pictures and share please!

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Oh how fun for you. I wish I lived in your neck of the woods, Round Top sounds wonderful.
Be sure to tell us all about it and the party.

deb did it said...

Wear comfy shoes, take lots of money, buy it when you see it if you love it, because when you go back...someone else bought it! And come make your belly happy at our Airstream "HAPPY BELLY" serving lunch and early dinner everyday The Arbor Antique Show in Round Top!!

Granny said...

I'm not one for crowds or parties but that's one I'd love to attend. But since I can't make it I'm depending on you to tell all about it. Hope you have a wonderful time.

Laurel said...

Have fun!!! Wish I could go too...can't wait to see pictures! Laurel

red.neck chic said...

Lezlee!!! I'm so excited!!! Will you come harass me before the blog party? You won't be able to miss me... I'll have my duct tape out in FULL FORCE!!!

I haven't told you yet - but I was so excited to see you again at the primitique!!! And now? AGAIN in a couple of weeks!!!

Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

Jealous...I want to go to a blog party!!!

rustandruffles said...

Yippee Lezlee!!! I have been reading about Canton for years....OH SO JEALOUS!!

Waltzing Gypsy said...

Oooh I wish I was going! Have fun and give a full report when you return!

Coleen's Corner said...

Lucky ducky! Have heaps of fun!

Prior said...