Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shopping at The P!

As I blogged earlier, there were at least, two great shows, in my neck of the woods, Saturday... Didn't think I was going to make it to either, but around about lunch time, as me and two of the sisters were sittin' around in our PJ's, we said, "Hey, let's just go!"  So, we did. But, we didn't make it to Valerie's 'cause they closed shop around three o'clock. Go on over to her blog, though, if you want to see all the  French goodness we missed, hopefully next time, gotta get out of those PJ's a little sooner!

This group photo makes me smile... Everyday Moma still feels up to coming along with us, is a blessing. I've had my mind set on one of Robelyn's purses for awhile...and now, I have my Madeline! I got me some ice skates from Girls Gone Junkin', too. Suzette got a rusty, red locomotive train from Mindy, you'll see it at the next Christmas show...and some something else.
(can't remember)

David, Joshua, Robelyn, Cathy, Moma, Suzette, Mindy, and Kelly (Look at all the great goodies)

Looking back at this globe makes me wish I would've brought it home, sigh...
Visit Girls Gone Junkin' at First Monday - Row 46, great weather for it!

Lovely repurposing!

I adore the red trim on this luggage set so much~

Has anyone seen my cat eye spectacles?! So retro cool!

Hmm...? nope, I've never "gotten" the baby doll body parts craze, but some folks really lose their heads over these,... grin

And of course, Robelyn's Pocketbooks, such awesome craftsmanship
and her Saddle Tramp clothing line, so sweet!

Look at  these perfect little rusty magnet boards...

Eye candy displays everywhere...uh oh, I think we added the monster drink, sorry.

The New P was great, worth getting out of the PJ's, for sure...Head over to Mindy's blog to see my happy face holding on to my new pocketbook, an original from Robelyn. She names her bags, mine is named Mad.e.line in Ruffles. I'm giving her my  middle name, 
mad.e.line "Beth" in Ruffles! 
Thanks red.neck.Chic LOVE it!

On the way home we shopped some more in Quinlan, wonderful little places there, pics later!
Like I said before, seeing "bloggy" friends "For Real", is just the best!



Coleen's Corner said...

Thanks for the eye candy! Looks like you had a ton of fun. Before I even read about your adoration for the red trim on the suitcases, I thought "That's Lezlee!" Glad you had a great time with Pat too - what fun!!

Mimi Kinder said...

LEZLEE, I will get out of my PJs next time to tag along! This is right up my ALLEY! And the CAT EYED Glasses! Sure wished I could find mine. My dad was an Optician! He made us girls sunglasses with the Bling back before BLING was in. We are talking in the early 60's! I need to rummage through my Momma's closets! LOVE YOUR BLOG!

The Primitique said...

Lezlee! You got some great pictures! You know, I was so happy when I looked up and saw you. Your posting had made me think you weren't coming. Yeah for getting out of those pj's! And thanks for your kind words about The P! See you again soon! ~Mindy

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Hey Lezlee-

Love the pictures- it looks like such a great time.
Really wishing I went now! I posted at Mindy's that The Birthday party was in ROCKWALL OF ALL PLACES... yes, I know.
But there were other things too...
I hope to get to go next time~!


A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Lezlee...thanks for visiting! Thanks for sharing your fun treasure hunting trip! I love your bag from Robelyn ~ can't wait til she makes a new bag and asks for help naming it!!

Granny said...

Oh my gosh, I'm sure I'd have spent every last dime I had if I'd been there. Saw lots of lovelies I'd like to have brought home with me. When I saw the picture with your Moma in it I hollered at Grampy and told him to come see. She looks so cute in her hat. I'm glad she's feeling better.

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Lezlee, Sorry I was sick ,I live so close too. Around 15-20 minutes. It would have been nice to meet everyone. Looks like a fun time. judy

Waltzing Gypsy said...

Hi Lezlee!
Thanks for following and commenting on my blog!! It sure is fun to make new friends here. I can't believe I didn't start blogging sooner.

Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

I love that globe and the stool it is on. And those suitcases are really cool.

Jenn Erickson said...

Wish we had wonderful events like that out here! Yeah, that globe is pretty darn exceptional. The repurposed fan has me completely inspired. I have my grandfather's army-issued fan, and have never quite found the right way to display it. Now I'm going to use it to showcase some of his photos from his military days.

Jodi@FreshVintageHome said...

Lezlee, I think the best times are the spontaneous ones! Yay for you for going! Thanks for sharing! Love the doll on a stump thing...WHAT was that? ha ha.
Have a great weekend! *Jodi*

red.neck chic said...


I had so much fun seeing you - meeting your Moma and Son and sister!!!

Can't wait 'til I see you in the cow pasture!!!

;-D Thank You Thank You!!!

Fishtail Cottage said...

So glad you found me & so glad i followed you back to peek at your blog & become your newest follower! Your bog pics are so cute!
xoox, Tracie

Fishtail Cottage said...

So glad you found me & so glad i followed you back to peek at your blog & become your newest follower! Your bog pics are so cute!
xoox, Tracie