Sunday, August 12, 2012

Handmade Napkin Ring Holders

These napkin ring holders are made from:
old dictionary sheets, 
vintage buttons, 
rusted very stiff wire, 
& of course a little bling.

I made these for a friend...
we bar ter ed some items...

A purposeful way to utilize that stash of sentimental buttons,
           so come on dip in to that ole' button jar and show me what you got!

details.details. details.

Don't cha just love a bleached white napkin?

The lady getting these is a reading teacher, 
so I thought the dictionary sheets were fitting,
 but you could copy old letters, recipes,
or cookbooks, even! 
Wouldn't that be cool?

All buttoned up

An old building down town is being fixed up
                                                 for a new store I will have a part in...
                                                             The best part is we get to do fun spiffing.
                                                 We are planning some cool stuff!


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

These are so cool looking! I love the buttons and wire...AND THE DICTIONARY PAGES.
great gift idea!
...and yes, I love bleached white napkins, Pat

(I'll have to come and check out the new store...)

Diane in the Valley said...

Hi Prior, Cool idea! My only complaint with your blog is you don't blog enough! Love your ideas. Wish I was closer so I could visit your store.