Monday, November 30, 2009

Playing with Junk!!!

Having maybe 60 people over the next day for Thanksgiving, nor rain, sleet or snow could have kept me from going to the Christmas Remembrance at Winnie and Tallulah's, on the square in Athens, Texas. Meandering through the wonderland of talent over there further inspires me to create a nest for myself from tattered, torn, soft and well-loved possessions with Prior lives to tell.

LOOKY what I found and brought home!!! The perfect sized washtub. I almost bought a normal sized one, a couple of weeks ago, for a tree I am making, but somehow it didn't seem Just Right, now I own Just Right :)... Thanks, Mindy... Also Curious Goods had the cutest scrabble ornaments that I needed... It was the perfect respite before the marathon cooking. Eventually baby wash tub will hold magazines or the tree I am making, but for now I must play. Red trimmed children skates hang on a tiny red chippy clamp. I tossed in all the greenery with lights, but will make it less busy when finished. The old trumpet William left forgotten many years in a shed when football took over...It looks as if it has been through a war. It and the dirty green frame are a work in progress. At Christmas it will hold Christmas greenery and Christmas music, but will easily change with the seasons. Joshua tried his hand at keyboard ornaments for the show on the 12th. What do you think??? I made the snowflake ones from vintage buttons, rusty wire, and crystal bling...just a few of my favorite things. Thanks Lezlee

Friday, November 27, 2009

A fan of photos

This was  was free!!!!

I am Thankful

My Momma

Tie clips, old cards, watch, fall leaf...scrabble tiles...anything goes

Love the rust!

I really was a Happy first grader

This fan was rescued from a burn pile by Josh... He painted it red. My favorite color. It has lain around since summer, but as I was working on things for Thanksgiving (code for cleaning out my junk) I decided to dress it up for the holidays. I always knew I wanted pictures on it, finally got around to it. I wasn't sure what to use for picture clips, but then I remembered my stash of old tie clips...don't you just love junk stashes!!! One of the reasons junk is so fun to play with, is the versatility of it. This would be great for any holiday, reunion or birthday...Maybe the next time the fan is a centerpiece it will highlight you on your special day. It will be fun having all the Cheeks over tomorrow... Lez


                                                         If you want some free projects

                                                                    Check out this site

Monday, November 23, 2009

Matt and Jodi's Wedding

Someone wanted to see Jodi's crystal bouquets. Don't really have great pictures on computer, but am posting what I have. The bouts were made with crystals by us, too. They will be married 5 years this January. She had a snow flaky, icicle wedding. Icy blue and white with silver accents. The snowflake cake was made by Dana Ellis. She is an artist, for sure. The crystals turned blue against the girls dresses and white against Jodi's.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Past

Would some one come over the Sunday after Thanksgiving and put up my tree...???

I've been kind of busy being a Grandma to Aubrey... It won't be difficult. I've even given you pictures to go by.

Who ever helps will be my favorite! (not really I just look really young in this picture, so I wanted to include it)

Lights off, Lights on!!!

Jeremy, I'll let you put
on the lights!!!
You and Josh
don't have to argue about it!

Well, William you actually do look busy, carving at Nancy' house. So, how about it? Who wants to help decorate the tree?

Aimee can't she's so busy in college, now! (but you are coming home for Thanksgiving, aren't you?)

Jacob, CAN YOU HEAR ME????

Come on Jared, you don't look That busy!

Come on, don't just sit there grinning, help me out!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!