Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Round Top Dust Ruffles

Pasture parties and dusty ruffles...

 junk for miles & miles...

fun fun, fun, fun with my gals!
Susie, me, Suzette, Charlotte, Sherri, Donna, and Pat!

Round Top may never be the same...
and how fitting...the first people we met, as we blew into town, were two bloggers, 
who took this picture for us...Thanks! Rho and Lisa!

More to come!

me with the do do bird and all my necklaces,
William said it looked like I had been to Mardi Gra, but it was much more than that!
We were tickled pink!
so we are joining the party at Holly's

ruffled out!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Moon and Remembering Childhood Verse

photo from USA Today

I see the moon 
The moon sees me
God bless the moon 
God bless me...


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Heading up to the Tree House for Springbreak!

The "Tree House" has been neglected ,All winter, so heading up to freshen it up and make it a little more weather and mosquito proof...

Last summer's decor...

New Tree House photos,
don't think it will turn out as well,
but that sometimes comes with practicality!

 If you are new to my blog & would like to see more of my "Tree House"  go HERE!

Swiss Family Robinson

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Mother Ship is Calling

Yep, the Mother Ship is landing at Round Top, Texas...and I'm gonna' be there, and I'm bringing some outlaws a posse! So, please, if you're gonna' be there and you're reading this, let me know, please...I want to say a big TEXAS " Hey!", and are you going to...

I'm pretty sure I am!!!

Our bloggy friend from down under will be there! Tamarah, REALLY...Can you believe it...?!!!
We are both about to bust with delight!  Check out her junk extravaganza!

If you can't come, I hope to take lots of pictures, you know I'd take you all. if I could!

So thrilled to have my Coke Bench Story featured on Donna's Funky Junk Blog sidebar, go visit her and help name her new decor style book, in the works!

And I loved being featured on  Holly's Tickled Pink Party, such a fun party, anything that tickles you sweet is that! She was tickled over my little table and chairs, because they remind her of the set she still has from childhood.

I have a couple of other exciting irons on the fire, but more on that later, gotta go pack,
YEE HAW!!!!!

     ZApp hALL


P.S. Any tips or advice welcome, we are all first timers!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Funky Junk's Bench Party

The first time we lived in Japan...
            I yearned for one of  their Coca cola bus benches,
                                                                               placed at  each stop...

              years later when we moved back, to Japan,  
I noticed, for the most part the benches had been replaced...THEN

I spied one down the street, on the base, in someone's backyard, keeping an eye on it, longingly...Until one special day, it was placed out front for trash pick-up!  I asked the kids playing in the yard, and they confirmed, that yes indeedy, it was trash...they were moving...and had to meet the shipping weight requirements, right then and there, I crammed it in my car, not wanting anyone else to take my present, because that special day was  my birthday!   

 Really, honestly! So, I whipered, "Thank You Jesus" and went on my Happy Birthday  way...I've shared, how  I love it when  these little treasures come down from above and I know so many of you agree, testifying  with your own sweet stories, to the truth of a personal, loving God...

You can bet this baby made the weight limit this time around.
Imagine the "prior lives" stories this bench might tell...maybe even a Forrest Gump-like tale, only this time in Japanese!

So, when I saw Donna's tiny coke bench and realized the topic was benches, I ran outside to snap some shots, quickly, before the sun went down... lovin' the flowers and trees that are beginning to bloom. Aren't You?!

Joining the party at Funky Junk Interiors, hop on over, it is always great!

parked on my bench

P. S.

number five, my baby, turned 18 today!

PS 2...I fogot to mention the other side is Fanta...

Friday, March 4, 2011

I don't know if word verification helps stop spam, but personally I think it is a pain...anyway here's a button, if you are interested!

and an outdoor display from the Tipsy Tango in Quinlan, Texas...another part of our fun Saturday...
                                  My moma wrote about our day in her weekly newspaper column...

verification smearification

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shopping at The P!

As I blogged earlier, there were at least, two great shows, in my neck of the woods, Saturday... Didn't think I was going to make it to either, but around about lunch time, as me and two of the sisters were sittin' around in our PJ's, we said, "Hey, let's just go!"  So, we did. But, we didn't make it to Valerie's 'cause they closed shop around three o'clock. Go on over to her blog, though, if you want to see all the  French goodness we missed, hopefully next time, gotta get out of those PJ's a little sooner!

This group photo makes me smile... Everyday Moma still feels up to coming along with us, is a blessing. I've had my mind set on one of Robelyn's purses for awhile...and now, I have my Madeline! I got me some ice skates from Girls Gone Junkin', too. Suzette got a rusty, red locomotive train from Mindy, you'll see it at the next Christmas show...and some something else.
(can't remember)

David, Joshua, Robelyn, Cathy, Moma, Suzette, Mindy, and Kelly (Look at all the great goodies)

Looking back at this globe makes me wish I would've brought it home, sigh...
Visit Girls Gone Junkin' at First Monday - Row 46, great weather for it!

Lovely repurposing!

I adore the red trim on this luggage set so much~

Has anyone seen my cat eye spectacles?! So retro cool!

Hmm...? nope, I've never "gotten" the baby doll body parts craze, but some folks really lose their heads over these,... grin

And of course, Robelyn's Pocketbooks, such awesome craftsmanship
and her Saddle Tramp clothing line, so sweet!

Look at  these perfect little rusty magnet boards...

Eye candy displays everywhere...uh oh, I think we added the monster drink, sorry.

The New P was great, worth getting out of the PJ's, for sure...Head over to Mindy's blog to see my happy face holding on to my new pocketbook, an original from Robelyn. She names her bags, mine is named Mad.e.line in Ruffles. I'm giving her my  middle name, 
mad.e.line "Beth" in Ruffles! 
Thanks red.neck.Chic LOVE it!

On the way home we shopped some more in Quinlan, wonderful little places there, pics later!
Like I said before, seeing "bloggy" friends "For Real", is just the best!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Visiting in "Real" Life with Bloggy Friends!

Awhile back...I got to meet and go to lunch with... 


We were both a little nervous...I know for sure, I was. Will it be awkward, will we have enough to talk about, will I talk too much, and will she like me in "REAL" life.  Well, I shouldn't have worried about all that, except for the talking too much thing, sorry Pat! I realized when I got home I talked too much, along with food in my mouth, no less! I was just so excited to meet you in person!  We barely got our food ordered or ate, we were so busy catching up!  She brought me the sweetest gift, a junk tassel she made, wrapped perfectly in a doily with red trim! 

All I brought her were some magazines, I had been going through, though it would be a gift I would appreciate, so I took a chance that she would too! We talked about you gals, also, we have many of the same "bloggy" friends, sure wish you could have been there!  I've met a few others from "bloggy" land, but mostly  through shopping...this was the first time I had the opportunity to meet just because...It was great and we feel like old friends now!  

 I hung the tassel on this lamp, when I got home, 
to keep it safe...
because we were right in the middle of the remodel
...and I like it there! 
funny how things like that come together...

Isn't it great when you get to see your friends in person?!!!
I have a friend, Shabby Vintage Junk...she just asked, hoping. I'd be at Round Top...She is coming from Australia! Boy, sure want too...but, don't think so, this time, but we will see! 
( We've invited a Japanese F.Exchange  Student to spend Spring Break with us,
so it might would be rude to go out of town, I think!)

~Posting soon about our fun trip to The"P"~


All this talk about New Year decluttering and cleaning and such...I'll just leave you with this quote...
"One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries." -- A. A. Milne