Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Extreme Tree Trim

Don't forget to click on any picture that you would like to enlarge... The darling baby wash tub I bought at Winnie and Tallulah's from Mindy, a dealer there. 

Also, notice the framed picture of the footprint Rudolph to the left, that is my grand daughter's and my first craft together, she was only 2 months old, what a sweet, tiny foot. This was a surprise for Mommy and Daddy.

Designer tree ready for the show.... 
See story of how it was made.

The vintage button snow flakes I made for the sale....

For the Christmas show I wanted a really cool designer-like tree, but not the price-tag, so I began messing with this old 6 foot tree I've had for years, from the $ General store. First, I thought I'd see if I could bleach it, to make it a little different looking, well it didn't bleach, but it did make the metal parts rusty. So, I decided I would give it an extreme trim, so the ornaments, we are selling, would stand out. I trimmed all the needles down to the nubs. It took awhile and I first thought I might just have some branches to stick in the washtub, but you know us junkers we are nothing if not determined, or stubborn.

Some of the keyboard and snowflake ornaments for the show...

After the extreme trim, I ran crystals and lights up the middle with crystals on most of the branches.I put the lights on where it can still be taken apart and put back together easily.

After the show in my T.V. room

Got Present??? 
Not so subtle subliminal message. Ho Ho Ho...
topper just old rusty wires, word cards, and Christmas balls with more crystals, of course.


Furniture Friday coffee table

I'm linking this to Furniture Friday @ http://missmustardseed.blogspot.com/

Just a little Christmas Cheer....

Great crackle on top of table

Joshua made this table from a five-panel door, very sturdy, and great, white chippy look.

I keep this out year round, but dress it up for some of the holidays or seasons...That is one great thing about junk, it is sooo versatile. Mirror base, found for 3 bucks at garage sale, old canning jar holder, thanks to Goodwill, leftover candles from Weddings a red bow, pearls, and some Nature. The table and decorations are exactly what I love and almost free....

I'm glad I belong to a great town, family, and a wonderful Savior, Christ our Lord.!!!Merry Christmas...Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some pictures of last show...

Just going to show a few of the pictures from our last show...One of Josh's tables made from old doors and other rescued wood. The feet of this table is made from the over 100 year-old siding from my house. He pieced it together.

Sign I made for show, Just use your printer and a transparency... I love it, because you
could say any message you want... It is broken, but I'd love it now.
I love this...It can sit or hang
Some more of my framed beadboard old bottle, buttons, rust and Bible Verses. This sold!

Not for sale, but finish my husband's trumpet frame from older post, already for Christmas! I was gonna fix this really simple...I don't know what happened.

Cobalt bottle, vintage button bouquet and Bible verse... this sold!
This is an old dovetailed apothecary draw, old bottle with button bouquet, me in Jr. High!

We've done these with Dr. Seuss books, really cute....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The potting tables Josh makes. I was trying to bling it up a little for Christmas.

Old bottle and button bouquets

Crusty old soap dish, notice the red dice tell the date, 25, Merry Christmas!

Glittery ice letters... Dressing up my potting table for Christmas, love the buttons...got them at Canton, First Monday...Not really the right kind for my button bouquets, though.

This is just a Nativity from the Dollar Store. It is placed on a cake stand. The screen in the background was a great little junk find... The Come let us adore him sign from $ store also, but it looked rich.

In the
Spring this might have garden tools hanging from it, but now it is lit for Christmas, with red berries from the yard...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

School Christmas Reception

Close up of School House Cloche, the red flower ornament Suzette found is spectacular!

This is the side view...

view from above....Suzette painted and glittered, until everything coordinated, just right.

Don't you just love this part of the Mabank Village?

Another cloche. I made this little church . The little village trees and people were from the dollar store. The marble topped, brass base stand was found for a buck at a garage sale and repainted.

This cloche is for sale at The Victorian Lady Tea Room...It is really stunning in person, kind of hard to photograph

Monday, November 30, 2009

Playing with Junk!!!

Having maybe 60 people over the next day for Thanksgiving, nor rain, sleet or snow could have kept me from going to the Christmas Remembrance at Winnie and Tallulah's, on the square in Athens, Texas. Meandering through the wonderland of talent over there further inspires me to create a nest for myself from tattered, torn, soft and well-loved possessions with Prior lives to tell.

LOOKY what I found and brought home!!! The perfect sized washtub. I almost bought a normal sized one, a couple of weeks ago, for a tree I am making, but somehow it didn't seem Just Right, now I own Just Right :)... Thanks, Mindy... Also Curious Goods had the cutest scrabble ornaments that I needed... It was the perfect respite before the marathon cooking. Eventually baby wash tub will hold magazines or the tree I am making, but for now I must play. Red trimmed children skates hang on a tiny red chippy clamp. I tossed in all the greenery with lights, but will make it less busy when finished. The old trumpet William left forgotten many years in a shed when football took over...It looks as if it has been through a war. It and the dirty green frame are a work in progress. At Christmas it will hold Christmas greenery and Christmas music, but will easily change with the seasons. Joshua tried his hand at keyboard ornaments for the show on the 12th. What do you think??? I made the snowflake ones from vintage buttons, rusty wire, and crystal bling...just a few of my favorite things. Thanks Lezlee