Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some pictures of last show...

Just going to show a few of the pictures from our last show...One of Josh's tables made from old doors and other rescued wood. The feet of this table is made from the over 100 year-old siding from my house. He pieced it together.

Sign I made for show, Just use your printer and a transparency... I love it, because you
could say any message you want... It is broken, but I'd love it now.
I love this...It can sit or hang
Some more of my framed beadboard old bottle, buttons, rust and Bible Verses. This sold!

Not for sale, but finish my husband's trumpet frame from older post, already for Christmas! I was gonna fix this really simple...I don't know what happened.

Cobalt bottle, vintage button bouquet and Bible verse... this sold!
This is an old dovetailed apothecary draw, old bottle with button bouquet, me in Jr. High!

We've done these with Dr. Seuss books, really cute....


nannykim said...

I had to laugh at the blue bottle thingy! I have that same blue bottle as well as others and I am constantly mixing around with them. I once did buttons on wires as a "flower" thing. I had used them on my table with greens . Sometimes I put them in my windows etc.

Rhonda said...

I love the idea of putting the words on a transparency. I'm a former teacher and I would love to do something with that someday! I'll bookmark this so I can give you credit!

Barbara Jean said...

These are great!
Thanks for sharing the link
i especially like the trumpet frame for your husband, and the apothecary drawer and old bottle. Of course love the scripture on all. =)

Going into creating withdrawal right now. really spending hours on taxes etc. so tired of it all.

hope to get something made soon. thanks you for being so gracious!

barbara jean

Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

very fun stuff! thanks for sharing! : )