Friday, September 30, 2011

Ki Nassauer and the Winnie and Tulula Visit

This was such a fun night!!!!!             meeting           Ki~~

              being around so many creative folks, at the after hours party.


The place was decked out for Spring...

Famous Cat Daddy and , shop owner Gloria herself!

These pictures were taking in May, but they were lost in a broken camera, so sorry for the delay... good thing I don't report the news! 
It would be ancient history by the time I got to it...
but thankfully with junkin'~ AGE is a good thing!

Some of the vendors from First Monday, even got to come out after hours, look at the adorable 

When I rent a booth again, I hope it is with such fun creative minds as the Tulula Heads!

It's not a  Texas party without Talkin' Trash
Ain't that a good picture of 'em!

                      Curl up and  Sweet Dreams...I have more pictures...I'll save them for a rainy day!

Thinking Back to Spring~


Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Weathered White Christmas Tree

Well, I know it is still so hot in Texas, but we...Suzette and I, are gearing up for the Christmas Tea...We are working on ideas...
and remembering some from last year,
I never posted about~
one of our many treesHa ha, hard to believe I still have pics that I've never posted, I know!

We used baubles and beads with our handmade vintage looking cards...

Jolly ol'  Fella!

 and Flowers...

A perfect touch of flowers crafted from old patterns, Song Sheets & paper

Forgoing electric lights tangled all through the tree, we used a spotlight...keeping the nostalgic feeling...

 the panther paw, just a whimsical nod to our Panther mascot...

The tree is "the" shade of  weathered white...sitting in my rusty, baby washtub.

 The Tub filled with ornaments shimmering and snowballs glistening...while outside the weather is sweltering...
aww can you remember it?  Winter!

Hundreds upon Hundreds of our musical chains... Really.

so for now, Fa la la,  I promise not to post too much Christmas, yet!
until then...I'm joining White Wednesday~!