Wednesday, November 30, 2011

oh my goodness!

 Updated: Here is a link to Channel 8 WFAA's Website where some pics and story on our Tea AND we will be on the tour Saturday, so come to the Tri-County Library Saturday at noon, for brunch and get your ticket.  My friend Susie's house will be on the tour too, and it is fabulous, as I am sure all the others will be!


and if you can't make it then, I could show you around another time.

I am making the big bloggy No No.  I don't have any pics, too tired, BUT, if you live anywhere near me, you have to come see how we decorated the board room this year for the Christmas Tea, really I'll give you a tour, because we are not on the Mabank Home Tour this year.  Just email me if you want to come, for real!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Peacock Princesses

The wedding is over, my son Josh's...& I am anxious to share it with you...But first...The Peacock Princesses.

One of my grandbabies, the lighter haired one, turned two just recently and the other... not for 4 more months yet, and my new DIL's niece is right around the same age, so we took a bunch of tulle, in 4 colors, and after making them TU TU dresses, we dubbed them the {Peacock Princesses)  At the wedding they actually had peacock tail feathers...they just about, "stole the show", but the bride was so pretty, she still took center stage, as should be. 

 Where's my cousin???

They are looking for one another...

 Aww...they found each why not have a Tea Party?!



Where did she go?

Wonder where they think they are going??? So grown up.

 They had so much fun!

My niece, Gina, took these shots...BEAUTIFUL!

Aww...they found each other!

We're otta' here!!!!


 Since my grand daughters tickle me pink and we were able to make 3 dresses for a wedding under 50 bucks and I haven't blogged in 4 ever, thought I'd join Holly, 'cause she tickles me pink, too, and I have missed her!
Tickled Pink at 504 Main