Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Houzz Professional Design Award

I guess my tree house won a professional design award on Houzz

for being for being one of the top pics saved on idea books.

houzz interior  design ideas

a little sad for me...
both those huge trees, that made my "tree house" were rotten and cut down this past week.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Holiday Banners...Spring, Valentine's, and Christmas


card board box bunnies, 
wooden spools, 
sweet cards 
hangin' on some jute...

...a little cotton tail perhaps?

other holiday banners 
                    just hangin' at PriorHouse



holidays are a time to "Gather" together...

and Christmas


                           Party Time...


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Friday, March 16, 2012

Sprucin' In the Livin' Room

I really have never "done" the living room, 
when the construction was all "done"...

                         so, a beginning.

After planning to make a song sheet wreath,  well... since the very first time I spied one... a few years ago - on blog land, I finally got it done.  I thought first on selling it, at The Victorian Lady Tea Room,
 however, I soon decided to work it into the wall arrangement...
                                                                 behind one of my couches...

We have been blessed with 5 children...
I am the seventh child 
 the 5th in , "The Five Sisters"  

My walls are a soft pale yellow...
           the wreath made more of a statement atop the frame...
The house numbers were used, as place setting numbers for my crazy pretend Christmas Tour dinner...numbers...words...individual letters...I adore using them.  The graphic quality appeals to me.
One decorating delima for this room is incorporating the black buffet, staircase and other black pieces with the brown leather of the couches and dark brown stain on the floor, plus bringing in my beloved red, which is highlighted throughout the kithcen, dining and laundry area.  (this is all one big space), while keeping it soothing.  That is the hardest part for me, becuase I tend to go overboard.  My daughter said, "The house is looking good, Mom.  Don't add anything else!"  Do you guys have have self-appoited critics, hee hee                   
The "shelf" is a scrap of antique trim from some furniture piece. 
 The "quote" for now is one I made up...I like that it can be changed out whenever...

Therefore my chalkboard makes the mark and is re-hung ...
                         this impromtu decor on a dime, started late one night...
                                                             thus, I only shopped my  house...

a tattered card board box gives texture to "Spring" letters & bunnies.
                                          While the rusty spring was added in for a bit of "Sping" whimsy.

Isn't it the little things, for true,  when it comes to our homes...?
I think I am most fond of my tiny bird, painted on the brown bottle...
done with a chalk marker.  
I used a  stencil for starters and added some detail and the branch.

 My brother, 
(yes...I have 2... )
they are always getting 2nd billing,
 behind "The Five Sisters", lol.
Dwayne, cut out the dove,  using an old pattern of Moma's
(back when she crafted).

I decoupaged song sheets to the cheap battery candles sold during Christmas...
they will probably just be lit during special times.

  I could use votive holders and candles, too. 
They needed a touch of black accent... to remedy that, using items on hand,

I simply clasped two necklaces around their necks.

Next, to rid the couch of the boring brown, "I come with the sofa pillows"

Hitting my pillow stash 
I unearth 
an authentic sack to turn into a pillow, along with an original hand lettered flag pillow.
What  a good start.

Suzette bought me the red ticking one...
It is Ralph Lauren.  
She snagged it from Home Goods, at a decent price.  
I love the feel and look of it.  
The dark blue ticking pillow was at Canton, a 1.00 find!

The long pillow was purchased tonight, from Paul Micheal's...
It was 24.99, minus my 25 percent off  one item.  I'll let you do the math!
 It is a sack...for now it has a body pillow in it...

I am sure William is wondering how it dissappeared off our bed!
It could be made into three good size pillows. 
We have another sofa and big chair and a half on the otherside of our living room.

The door coffee table Josh made is in the living room...
two wooden chairs waiting for the grand daughters...this is a favorite spot for them to color.

We have stained concrete, in this part of the house. 
I couldn't find the size rug needed so...
 We went to a floor store,  bought a huge pad and carpet remnant,
then paid the floor store to bind the edges...
We did this when we lived in base houses...most of them had ugly tile throughout.

My cream colored ginger jar lamp came from Goodwill...The brass one was rescued, 
before my sister -in-law donated it. 
I already had the shades, a gift. 
I had fun with paper flowers 
& the number five again,
 also adding touches of Spring...
my house lends itself to "Red Holidays" quite well, such as Christmas, Valentine's & 4th of July...
but not so much to pastel spring...
my decor has a more
 weathered, whimsical or natural look.

lol, I need to scrub this...but isn't it cool?...
thinkin' on adding tape with the words,  
"Count Your Blessings"
$5.00 dollar find!

It is sitting on the table Josh made from scraps, 
ooh and by the way he is making the coolest scrap pie safe thingy,
 while he is out for Spring Break.

The white end table was picked up for a couple of bucks...it will do for now...
 Hanging out on the oval window is my Spring Banner...
after displaying one celebrating Christmas & again during Valentine's, 
the window looked lonely, without a banner.  I'll show you a close up another day...
This post is so long I'm sure I have lost many of you by now, lol.  I am such a random blogger..
I will be changing things up as I come across items and add touches of color.
And begin working on other areas of the room.  
This is so fun to me, but I had to be careful with nails.
The upstairs plumbing is behind that wall!

Livin' It Up

I am joining Holly... 
504 Main