Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Christmas Parade of Homes: The "play like dinner table"...


A little Polar Bear 
diving into  play like food...

Eight antique Homer Laughlin plates...

Eight place settings adorned with a
rusty bed spring, tarnished silverware,
tied together with tattered cloth, 
a Christmas bauble,
printed Christmas sentiment,
resting in a zinc Mason jar lid...

A full view...beginning with the black chandelier, black letters, black detail on the dishes and ending with

The black glittered letters standing out on the ivory tablecloth...
anchoring the whites...

~wire cloches handmade by Josh~

The top of my arbor, made from two shutters and two windows...

I went a little nuts with detail ~ that most probably didn't notice, but each napkin ring holder and each little bench or bird cage holding a domino were displaying the number of the place setting and the little blackboards made from laminate samples had the names of the school board members...

Well, there is just soo much more, Josh's mantel ordeal, the Christmas trees, the chickwire screen, the paper village riplica of Mabank, centerpieces and more...may have to wait until next Christmas,

I'm joining the parties!!! 


Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More of the Christmas Parade of Homes: The Polar Bear Table

~My sister, Suzette did the Polar Bear Table~

 again, imagine all the candles are lit.
Suzette's son said he'd tried to pick up his kids toys at her house, but couldn't find the toy box...
She tapped this wooden box while chuckling, " Yeah, here is the toy box!"
~ Nothing is safe around us!  We definitely love to repurpose!~
& nothing else would have displayed the wreath so perfectly.
Mostly the theme that ran throughout the room was
song sheets and polar bears...
keeping with the neutrals made it seem peaceful, 
even with being filled from floor to ceiling. 
Which, I've stated, "Floor to Ceiling" was my goal!

 Check out those lovely paper flowers!
The table had been a blond 80's sofa table, 
bought at a Goodwill store for 3.99. 
It had some glass on top that didn't fit, nor belong...
Sandra fixed it up with bead board and distressed white paint.
Suzette made the flowers and I dyed, cut, and with the help of Suzette's grand kids 
glued hundreds of Christmas song sheet chains.
They are so perfect to hide cords, along with keeping our theme highlighted throughout the room.  
The Santa is available at the Victorian Lady Tea Room.

over all view

Now, more details...
One day, I was bored making plain chains, so I made one with chains hanging down and then I saw the perfect spot to put it. Everything just found the right spot, it seemed! 

 Even the carolers & Santa have song sheets!

 little birdies on the lamp
These acorns are huge. 
Suzette's grand daughter gathered them from her yard.  Reminding me again, nothing we can make ever beats 
God's creation.

Years ago, my mom collected this twig tree, from someone's yard. In a "prior life" they were shrubs, maybe?  She did have around four of them. I have always loved them. We hung a single bird from a branch, with some mercury glass ornaments on the plant stand.

Love the horse Suzette repainted...  

Do y'all think horses are a new trend? 

Just wondering.  I'm always curious to see what might be marketed next...It's a fun guessing game trying to spot the next trend.  So, I'll predict horses, lol. It's all silly, really.

Nothing was safe from the decoupage, bling or the song sheets!

 The whole White polar bear scene 
looked as if it would be cold to the touch...
the woodsy elements cozied it up.

last pic, but certainly not the least sentiment
Merry Christmas! 

I'm joining the party~ 
Vintage Inspiration Friday!

We did the whole place in shades of White, with some neutral ~ nature and, isn't rust everyone's neutral...
504 Main
~come on!to the White Party!

Even though it was mostly white, the room was very glittery and festive!

Monday, December 6, 2010

More Silouettes

Down the halls...going to the board room... just one of the beautiful trees and Children frolicking in the snow...

This was on a room with a plate glass window (used to be the secretary to the principal office) Looked so great with the light on...our theme...

Now, around the corner and all down the hall, leading to the board room...

Well, there is more and other pretty things in the hall, but this is all for now...
I'm joining:

The Boardwalk Bragfest

Of course, the grand finale and the best silhouette of all was as you entered the board room...


Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Parade of Homes: Tomorrow...Don't miss it!

More of the Board Room...

My arbor for my exemplary sign to hang from tuned out just as I had chandelier is not turned on at the top, though.

 My crazy "play like" dinner...

bling on each goblet...

one of the many this one Suzette made. The little house is sitting on dominoes... & "Oh Come All Ye Faithful"

More later, hope y'all don't get bored with the board room!

Mabank 20th Annual Parade of Homes
Saturday December 4th 11~ 4
Mabank, Texas

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