Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cookie Monster Birthday Party

Since she will be Three in October,
 thought it was time to post these cute ideas my daughter did
 for Doodles party...

They decorated cookies and Jodi made them darling cookie monster aprons as a favor...

funny, my grand daughters love to play
those apples don't fall far


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Elsie Mae on Market Burned Down

one door had just been installed
 and all the glass,          next to be 
                               was the awning...
      to be put back like the original...
the historic black ironwork columns
 would have popped 
with the doors painted black
...and the window sign was gonna look so great.

 God can give a crown of beauty for ashes...
Excited about what God will do.

To be continued...


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Autumn a Time to Gather

 Autumn is a time to hunt and GATHER at Elsie Mae on Market...

For Autumn, I made this simple, yet meaningful , "Gather",
a perfect sentiment for this time of year and all year long.

I've really enjoyed making banners for my entry window, this past year...

                               click here if you would like to see some past banners...

or better yet come by Elsie Mae on Market 
                                to visit and see them for yourself!
Nothing would thrill me more,
                                 than a gathering with some of my blog friends,
                                                                                             in the flesh!

other words on banners will be dream, joy, love...
and I forget, lol.


joining some fun parties:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A "Grateful" Basket

Dried hydrangeas  hanging in a basket, in a prior life it was a heater grate...

 I love working with rusty wire and old buttons...I think most of were aware of this, lol.

 pretty cool hose winder upper, huh?
Snagged from  the Judy Hill Home Show

 "Grateful Basket"

What are you grateful for?

 Just one of the repurposed items offered at 
click on it to find our Face Book page


Friday, September 14, 2012

I Think I Can!

some of the Mabank Christmas Tour...we had such fun doing this...
Now our store Elsie Mae on Market will be on the tour!

I love my new business cards...I would love for y'all to like our facebook page Elsie Mae on Market

You can read about the house here.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sister # 1, be her guest tour

My sister Suzette's guestroom, is so wonderful...just look!

This is a lamp she embellished, 
simply lovely and puts off just the right glow, too.
She is working on some shades for Elsie Mae on Market!!!

 side table, birdcage goodness!

Decorative pillows...and the best soft bedding, 
makes for perfect dreams... 

Her famous burlap and rusty bed spring valance...
You really need to see it 
when the lights on it are turned on, sorry!

on this side Suzette placed a chair,
One of our bedspring crosses,
also will be part of our merchandise
at Elsie Mae on Market...
can you tell I am getting excited
and tired...a good tired.

and Moma designed, sculpted, and hand stitched that precious old lady.
Opal Toney made every piece of it, 
down to the boots and shoe laces.
Amazing Moma 

She used glue for the glass lens, felt for the hat,
fashioning a tiny buckle for the dress..

Moma sculpted these hands...
She did it all...with her artist hands
and a pink plastic pick, 
used to hold a brush roller in one's hair.

Hopefully, we can display some at Elsie Mae
I certainly need to do another post on Moma and her dolls, 
like I said, "amazing"

love the yellow "Oops" paint.

some real cherished treasures on this shelf...sentimental, personal,

a song sheet wreath, also available at our store...
and one of Suzette first attempts painting with the ASCP, 
the dresser turned out nice.
It wouldn't be a "Suzette" room without a cloche, 
and this one with dried hydrangeas is stunning.

# 5, for Five Sisters, made by Junkin' Sista Sandra.
and yes, lol, we will have numbers and letters, too!

Isn't this chair and pillow just the Bee Knees!

Suzette makes the prettiest paper flowers, 
love them bunches...
we all enjoy working with paper...

 and yet, another sweet chair. 
This one partnered with a table lamp.

She is blessed with 14 grandchildren!
& we are blessed to work with her and other talented family and friends.
I made the corrugated BLESSINGS sign by tearing up an old card board box.
I PLAN hope to "spot light" each of the Elsie Mae Junk Crew...  soon, know I am such a random blogger,
but for now that works for me.

Sweet Dreams