Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Phone Call

Come join! We are partying until the end of the month!

Hitch Hiker, middle child, called awhile ago...

He is starting a new job, tomorrow. That is always good

He will be Colin Hanks stand~in, through  November, for "The Good Guys" project filmed in the Dallas area.

Hmmm... I go Google for more info.  He is Tom Hank's son and after seeing his picture I recognize him from some stuff. He is about 6 foot 1.  HH, middle child, is about 6 foot 3.  

Here is Tom's child, Colin Hanks

      I see the resemblance to his dad, Tom, here...

And here is my HH, middle child...

I see the resemblance to
 Frosty, the snowman, here...

Hoping he keeps his night job!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Prior Lives Party 6!!!

Yea! It is time to party again!!!

I really love visiting all of you guys' blogs. Y'all are all so creative!!!

I don't enter a lot of parties, 'cause I'm lazy, but when I saw Donna, of Funky Junk Interiors,  doing one on old chairs, I couldn't resist entering Moma's chairs, and I was so flattered to see she featured them on her side bar! If you haven't been to her blog, better do it. She is full of ideas and just comes across as such a sweet, generous lady, with all of her tips.

Speaking of parties, my daughter threw me  a big surprise party, today, for my 50th, coming up on Thursday, so I 've been busy and will have to find some Prior's, in my files. Sorry, if they might be repeats, for some of my old time bloggy buds. 

I like where I've seen people using these, in different ways, around their houses...

Cool display in a shop on our cousin trip.

Some chippy ladders, sister Beverly and I bought, at a great little town, called Leona's, for five dollars each.    

I want my ladder to look like this one...almost as cool as Moma's stairs.

I took this picture over in Murchison, at an antique mall. My brother had this horse, Thunderbolt? belonging to cowboy, Johnny West. That is his sidekick, Geronimo.
I played with them, along with my Barbies. I wish I had bought them for him.  Kids didn't have as many toys back then and these were really something.  I remember Moma decorating the table for his birthday, once, using them as centerpieces and napkin holders.  She was always making things special, in her special way.

Now, it's your turn! Link up something you are using in a new way, than its original or PRIOR use, or just an item that has an old story to tell of a prior life,   I don't care if it is an old or new post, just join in and please go look around, too. If you don't you are missing out seeing some great stuff!!!!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Josh's Birthday

Since,I am always mentioning, oldest son, Joshua, and showing off things he has made,  I thought I'd say "Happy Birthday" to him. He is 32, today, and single. I told him I was gonna' advertise for him a godly wife, of course he thought I was joking, lol. Awhile back, I posted a photo of him here, but thought I'd post a more recent one, too~

Iron Man Welding Mask by Josh

Happy Birthday, Josh!
Being  mom to my 5  is just so priceless!


Don't forget the Prior Lives Party 
August 16th!!!

A couple of you have e-mailed me about the potting tables, he makes from old doors. Here is one of them.
The pot makes a perfect ice bucket. Sometimes, we put an old rake on them, as shown on my blog button.
Bye now!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Around Moma's Yard

Moma's Toilet, 
never looked to see if it is a one or two seater.

Now for some chairs...

love the chippy pink, orange, red, white, green and weathered...Opal's got them all~big and small...

would have a hard time picking which chair was just right!

 Moma is 85, so she doesn't have as many flowers, as she once did, plus the heat wave has been really hard on everything.

There are more chairs, but lets move on, or we will never get out of here...

 First a toilet, now a well!

Believe me, we've barley tapped the well on Moma's junk! American Pickers would stop here for sure!!!

They may not hold water, but I like 'em.

Texas primitive...
very old, tall, original blue table, on her porch

  Her cat kept lying on the second stair, killing the flowers. That's what all the bricks were for.
Lol, we both saw this old staircase, downtown, when, sadly, some of our old buildings burned, but she retrieved it, before I could. Early bird gets the worm, and you gotta' get up pretty early to beat that bird! Oh, well, I had just beat her out of a couch and chair at Goodwill.

A little Texas Decor...
 Skulls along the fence line;
there were huge sunflowers, too, but the cows ate them. You'd think the skulls would have scared them away!

Don't forget the bottle trees...
Who me? I didn't sit on no flowers!

Moma collects old buildings, too...

Morning Glories on
Moma's, "Smidgen Shop"
This was her shop in the 70's, 
I've mentioned it before, but
It deserves a post all of its on, so stay tuned!

AND, I haven't even shown you her tiny barn!
The rest will have to wait. See you later Moma!

Don't forget "PRIOR LIVES PARTY" 

On the 16th until the end of the month!
Post something that had a prior life, that you use in a different way, now, or a treasure which has the history of Prior Lives to share! 
I really love all your cool posts!

Moma's house has since been repainted, but stayed the same blue...



Linking to  Funky Junk Party

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I desire my home to hold within it, the voice of  my heart ~    

Just as the sea shell holds within it, the voice of the ocean~


I'm joining White Wednesday

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tea Room Table

Last summer, William and I stayed at a Bed and Breakfast, in Gladewater, Texas. It is a great little shopping town, overflowing with antique stores. One of the items we bought, were porch posts.  Josh used them to make a display table for the Victorian Lady Tea Room, in Mabank.  If  you ever come to Mabank, this is the place to eat!

He finished the feet, the way I've told you about on other pieces, with the old siding from our house.

Janis' Victorian Lady Tea Room gets completely decked out, during Christmas. The green in this table, made it work perfectly, as a display place.

Now for some pics of the grand daughters, taken earlier in the summer. Born only  four months apart...
They are just the best yet!!!!




Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding in Georgetown

The wedding reception, my sisters and I helped decorate, went really well. The chapel, on the campus, was so georgous,  no decorating was needed. The bride and groom, are such a great-looking couple, and her dress was one of the prettiest I have ever seen. It had an old world feel to it, that fit her and the setting perfectly, but sorry no pics of that. We did table decorations at the country club reception. My daughter, Jodi, helped with most of the prep work, we did beforehand.

The bride picked out these damask favor boxes, to go on each table, and damask invitations. So, we took our inspiration from them.

We found the most perfect guest book and pen set, to go  with the fuchsia, damask, and bling theme. This was all we did at the chapel. It was all stain glass and outstanding craftsmanship, with a cooling system that made one frosty. VERY important in Texas, lol.

I think we did a pretty good job of matching the boxes.

We've used cake plates for centerpieces, in the past, loving the look, but we really wanted to do something handmade, that would be totally unique to this wedding, so using the boxes as inspiration,we created the centerpieces, using cardboard,concrete molds, cut to the size we wanted. After they were cut, we rubbed off the rough edges and used a black marker on the them. We scanned in some damask paper, so we could print off the size we needed, and used a cricut to cut the monogram for each centerpiece.  At first the monogram was not showing up, on the busy dasmask, so we cut out the black shape for a background, using the cricut hockey puck pattern, lol.   Each candle was glittered, giving them a lovely shimmer. We added crystals and also glittered the table cloths, for a finishing touch.  I really can't describe what a charming effect the glitter had on the entire table.

We made up two different centerpieces, using the same components, but arranging them differently. Each had a damask cylinder with monogram,( two different sizes), black charger, glass hurricane, fuchsia  (colors in photos do not do the flowers justice) Gerber Daisies,  bling, and one centerpiece design had sparkly fabric. Doing two different styles gave us varying heights of candlelight, which was very pretty, while using the same materials, made it really coordinate.   We used Mod Podge to affix  the monogram, giving it a  shellacked look. I think there were 16 tables, in all, not counting the serving and gift tables. We made sure to space out the two styles of centerpieces.

This is the cake stand type centerpiece.

A fajita bar was served, Yummy!

For this centerpiece type, we flipped it over and added the blingy material.  Each charger had a circle of damask paper. It showed up really pretty on the cake stand ones.

My sister fashioned a couple of hat boxes into a cake card holder to go on the gift table...

We added this little card for instructions...

Sign in and gift tables...This cake card holder was much bigger, than it appears here. It took up a whole seat in the car.  Twinkle lights under the table cloth brought needed light to this area.

As you entered the ballroom, from around the corner, climbing the stairs you saw the guest/ gift tables adorned with wrought iron candles, glowing, filled with Epsom salt, rock salt, and glitter, lighting up the guest book and wrought iron basket with bubbles.

A small mirrored shelf ,of a table, needed a little something...

Chandeliers galore!

 Here is a not too good shot, of the room...

Now for the show stopper... Take a look at this cake!!!
We didn't make the cake, duh, but we did let them borrow my son's and DiL's silver cake stand, they'd used in their wedding. We also placed the stunning, goblet candle holders and the brides bouquet out to decorate the the cake table.

As well as being lovely to look upon, it  included five different flavors, one on each  luschious cake layer!. The guy that delivered it, said it weighed 80 pounds. He wasn't very happy about it either, but that is another story.  You know, there is always another story, right?!

Suzette, Beverly and I arrived at the country club around nine, that morning, hauled everything up in the elevator, and were done by 11:00, which is really good for us! Suzette organized it all, not forgetting one thing!

Of course, we did some shopping on the way up and back, so stay tuned... my posting may slow down, though, as summer winds down. I've already had to work two days this week.

The cardboard cylinders can be used again and again.  A little re-papering or painting and there you go! I love ideas which can be totally changed to fit a theme, just right, don't you?

Just let them eat CAKE!