Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mom Cave aka My "Tree House"

My "tree house"  is joining the parties!
Hop over and see all the lovely porches. 

 So...Pack your bags! You're coming along to my "tree house"! 
And it's a LONG Trip...

I've got a spot waiting just for you...

With books to read ~ a little refreshing treat~come on along with me
to see what you can see!

It's cooler up here, way up here,
with the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees...
and a few squirrels, too, now shoo!

Comfy chairs, with one to spare...Cast away all your cares!

I f  Texas' hotness is more than you can bare, turn on the fan...just make sure to share. 
It may be October, but the bank sign still reads ninety! 
Now, that just don't seem fair!

William & Lezlee, sittin' in a tree... 
Shucks, you know the rest, oh gee!
(that's the romantic part, tee hee)

A comfy red, bed to lay your sweet head...
a crisp white sheet~makes it complete!

"A bird cage with no bird?" you say.
I say, "All the rage!!"

An aquarium with no fish, 
What more could you wish!

 A threadless spool, now that just makes me drool~~


Maybe, a frame without a painting, makes you go to fainting!
Or a funky old bottle tree, 
here's a clue,
in a PRIOR life,
it held a shoe or two!
Funky junk filling me with glee!
Hold up! There is plenty more to see!

An old baby gate, works just great!
Thanks for coming along to my "Tree House"

Relax, Enjoy!!!

 If I win the gift certificate from Home Goods, I could have these lovely pillows to go on my red iron bed!
and the pots are great, too!

 I could also have some chocolate and a ladybug tea party with those grand daughters!

(ladybug is what my daddy used to call me...back when this was my home)

Now, how's this place for porches!

I desire my home to hold within it, the voice of  my heart ~    

Just as the sea shell holds within it, the voice of the ocean~

Sweet Dreams!

Hey, I did win the gift certificate from Home Goods! How about that!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010


 Raggedy Joshua ~ Okinawa Japan

Raggedy Josh (4 years) & Indian Jeremy (almost 3 years)

Joshua "Robin" (Son # 1)
~Have you noticed all of Josh's pics on my blog are in disguise?~

    Jerri the Geisha and "Rocky I" Jeremy (dil and son #2)

Jared "Frosty" (son #3)

Don't have any of my youngest two kids...
These are all I have scanned in the computer, aren't you glad?  I know they are!

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mr. Postman

Yea!!! I got mail.
3 great things came in the mail recently!

I won a junktastic necklace from Margo,

 was gifted a super sweet cup towel from Laurel

 She mentioned it might look good layered with some other things for my curtain...and it would, but I also love it in my hutch... I adore it! Thanks, Laurel!

For now, I bought 5 cup towels at the $ Tree, if they hadn't worked, I'm always needing new cup towels. I had an apron up before.

Our pennant light was just on a cord, so William bought a little length of pipe to fit over the cord.

and last delivery, I purchased an ironing board cover from  Stringbean 17's Etsy Shop,
          so groovy, 
70's style fabric...
                        more  about that later.

I went to Laurie Anna's Saturday...
                       over the top amazing, as usual!

Thanks so much for all the advice, in previous post...I took a deep breath and am going with white, at least for now. It will be easy to change later, if I get the hankerin'!  Black is still running around in my head, too. I'm really loving what we've accomplished, recently.  I appreciated all the sweet words, more than you could know!

We are getting ready for the Christmas Tour. My sister decorates the administration building, for the district wide Christmas Tea, each year. This year, the administration building is also on, our town's tour, The Mabank Christmas Tour...I would love to invite anyone to come.  It is December 4th. There are always great houses to see!...More details later, but a fun day, for sure! Just a little tease about something we are working on...

An exemplary stroll through winter...

and a few more shots of the huge heritage hutch filled up and in  the house...still need to put some cup hooks in, but I am certainly enjoying  the extra storage.  
It makes me grin with delight.
Do you have pieces that make you grin?

old shoe Moma made, tater masher, bird's nest, (notice the Nestea label the birds used)  wasp nests, acorns, branches...
               Just some nature stored away.

Happy 100 Post to Me!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Advise Me Please!

I need help...I can't make anymore decisions...

Really, HELP!!!!!!

My new stairs are done~ Now just need to finish painting...
The treads will be black and the risers white, 
so a lot of tedious painting ahead.   

I need to dig out a real before picture...
just planks nailed across boards...
We tore down the old living room and went up with a two story...
I'll look for some old, before digital shots. 
This picture was taken yesterday.
Now, here is where you can help, please!  My door is just unpainted factory~ light blue gray, though it does look white here.  I also have French doors on the opposite side wall...Should I just do the doors white or a color?  White against the white trim...??? My walls are yellow and of course the stairs will have black and white and you know I will have some red around...hmmm. 
I don't like to paint big projects, just little artsy crafty stuff.
Do you like to paint?  Do you live close, lol!  

Now, for another problem.... WHAT TO DO?  
paw print pattern, maybe? 
What is this cat gonna do while waiting for an oil based paint to 
slowly........ dry?!?

Flash 2

You step up to my kitchen. It is pier and beam...The new part is concrete...we stained the concrete and will just have a huge rug...Maybe a bound carpet remnant. We did that all the time, when living in military housing with all tile floors.  You can get the best quality carpet, for a decent price, that way, and usually the carpet store will bind it for you, for a price.

Just a few more shots...

William built the addition and put up the stairs, but  never finished them, just roughed in, so his nephew Danny finished them, so nice. It was his first full blown stairs and ours are steeper than the standard. I think he did a great job! We had a mini work day Saturday and all the kids came by and cleaned, painted and puttied. I took a break and watched the grand babies, yep...I know where the real fun is!  I think I'll vote for Josh to finish the painting of the stairs...I don't think it is going to be easy, 
that black and white...
but I've got it pictured.

I just don't know...Do you ever just wonder if it is just all a big mess? Would I decorate way differently, if money was no issue? Would I have a certain style?  I mean, I like so many different things and styles and parts of this old house have been around over one hundred years.( It rambles like me...) Sometimes I wish I could put a label on how I put together my house...but they don't make labels that has been going on a long 13 years...
off and on, with high spots, like the stairs, but no real end.
Does it truly just look like a small version of Goodwill? 
Is it eclectic or is that just a nice way to say,
" Nothing goes, but she's a friendly girl."

Anyway, you can see by this rambling, that I need HELP! 

I noticed that this is post 99! I will try to do better on 100! 

Seriously, I would love get some suggestions!

being dramatic

just like my new staircase!