Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hodge Podge...

First of all thank you for all the prayers for my sister...She is doing great! 

Now, just some Hodge Podge things...How about a little more " tree house"  balcony, even a few photos in the night time...

It is hard to tell if I am inside looking out, or outside looking In!

Now, for some night shots...

A couple of more shots of the shoe tree, turned bottle tree, you all seem to adore...

My blog was showcased on GrannyJ's,  a neat lady's blog, that I've just recently began following and really enjoy. Also, my master bath was featured on Remodlelaholic, she is always doing cool things over on her blog.  Holiday Haven included my blog in a compiled list she made, of the "new" housewife",  for my repurposing. I love all her tips on making the holidays and everyday more fun.  All of these gals have great blogs, so naturally, I am over the moon, that they enjoy my blog enough to  give me a mention.

Thank you, for all that participated in the Prior Lives Party 4, plus a special thanks to anyone who checked out other sites!  We had the most ever partiers and all really cool posts, as usual.  If you haven't checked them out, hurry on over...There is even still time to link up, open until midnight last day of June!  Now, I've never picked a party feature, I just couldn't take the pressure, but I am making an exception, this time...Remember, I posted a "back in the day", photo of me, and encouraged everyone to do the same?  Well, no one did...and when I called my bloggy friend, Viki, on it, then she posted her picture, the next day, of her in character, at school. So, for being the only one to give me a pic of themselves, in a Prior Life, I think she deserves a feature!  Vicki is an art teacher and does some really cool things. Go check her out.

I've only been able to do a little of this, and some of that, this week, but I did get a whole room redone and if I ever  WHEN I get it put back together, I'll show you!  It is my little "spot", that walks out onto my "tree house" balcony.  Looking around, where everyone creates, inspired me to get  a spare room set up for me, Already I feel more creative, just knowing where my  glue and scissors are!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meandering Minds Want to Know.

 You know how it's "OK", if family talks about family, but you don't want anyone else, too? Well, someone, in my family, I am very found of, is getting on my last nerve, lately.   I mean, it is one thing if you want to have 100 degrees or more days, but having your low be close to 80 degrees, in June, is just ridiculous, Texas! You just need to straighten up! lol 

Does anyone else feel the same!  
How'd I ever grow up without A.C.!
Maybe, I had a TREE HOUSE!!!

My chocolate pie story,
along with some other yummy desserts are featured at Simply Sweet Home,
go check it out!
No calories are involved while just looking! But, it does make me want a Hershey Bar!

Suzette will be decorating for a friend's daughter's wedding in July, and I'm helping. 
Here's some pics of the shower, to let you know the color scheme...
I'll have some cute crafts to show you, when we get back. 
It will be fun and we get to go out of town for the night! 
Anyone know of good shopping places in Georgetown, Texas??? 

Love the hobnail and these and these decorations were made from a poster mailing tube! 

Don't forget the Red Shed Sale
Prior Lives Party!
There's still time!

I'm heading to my Tree House!
Wanna' come?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fresh from the Wonderful Flea Markets of Paris

I'm typing this with paint all over my hands, because I don't want you to miss out!
Remember, when I posted about going to 
on a,  "Spring Break Day" and I told you, 
were written up in Flea Market Style Magazine for their occasional sales...Well they are at it again! and  believe me you will not want to miss it. The day we went was not one of  their occasional sales, but it was still packed with beauty....Remember the pictures I brought back for you and all the oohing and awing, and my lovely flower spray in my master bath.  Well, this sale will have even more...

The sale is Saturday from 8:00 until 3:00

My sister Charlotte, Val(Red Shed Girl) , my sister Suzette, Moma
 "Spring Break Day"
Look at all the goodies!

Please pray for my sister, Charlotte, 
who is having surgery tomorrow. 


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where I Come From...

The old hotel, where I was born, is gone now.  But, just look!

Moma went to the drug store, to visit the doctor. While there, he inquired of her, as to whether she had a place to have "this baby".  She responded, "Yes, Moma's"( Elsie Mae Sapp).   So, she walked across Market Street, through the Hardware Store, and out back to Grandma's.  I was born in an upstairs room. Looking at the first picture, it's the two last windows, that go in a bit.  That is where Moma had number 7, me, her caboose!  

We ended up buying the house from Grandma, but she stayed on living with us, awhile.  Growing up, in the beginning, we did have some tenants, but we pretty much filled it up, with just us. It was smack dab in the middle of town, back when town was a picture show, dairy bar,  drug store, grocer, and other small town businesses...Remember the general repairmen...fixing your T.V's , radios, toasters...   Just before the Super Mega Store days, when towns had a Main Street.  We all loved it.  Can't you just hear that screen door banging, with all of us  going around town?

I was the last baby born in this house, but I wasn't the first. The first baby ever born in Mabank, was born in this house. Her parents named her, yes, Mabank. 

Now, these are older pictures of the house, than when we lived there, notice the old model car? The rest of the house, after the car, was not part of our house. It had been separated and moved over, to the yard next door, so it was our neighbor's house.   We sold this place, so a new bank could be built.  Moma cried over this house, wanting to move it, but it just wasn't happening.  Before the house was torn down, an elderly lady, named Mabank, came to see her house. Sitting on our big front porch, she told us her story and showed us pictures.  Moma wrote the town paper, mostly by herself, then.  She wrote about this house,  printing a photograph of the way it looked during ,the lady, Mabank's time; it was a lot smaller. Moma also showed the way it looked when we lived there, and during its tear down.  After that, we moved into the old "telephone nook" farmhouse, on Gun Barrel Lane. I was just finishing my 3rd grade year.

I'd  been married and had three kids when Moma and Daddy sold the old " telephone nook" farmhouse and moved, again. But, the crazy thing about this story, remember, I told about  the end of the old hotel being the next door neighbor's house, by the time we lived there?  Well, the neighbors were bought out, by the bank, also. Their house was sold off, and being smaller, it was moved, down the road...That is the house Moma and Daddy bought and she still lives in today, the one with the bottle trees...

Prior houses...

You still have time to be part of the 
Prior Lives Party!
Stop in! More great party posts to visit!



Monday, June 21, 2010

Hitch Hiker...

My middle son, tall one in the middle with Dallas sign, goes on hitch hiking races...
Now, that's all I've got to say about that... 


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Random Inspiration Pictures

LOVE the colors here...(Country Homes & Interiors)

A little fancy French Country... 
but is does look snuggly... 
I have very tall ceilings, 
so I am liking the going vertical on the book shelf...(Better Homes and Gardens)

I've always wanted a window seat, but don't have the right window spot, but this might do..
.(Better Homes & Gardens) I have a little rocker I could paint like this...

This looks cozy, too!  

If you have those slip covers, can you tell me if they are all they are cracked up to be?  'Cause I've loved them for years, and am at the point of needing to do something with my couch and love seat.

Don't forget to come to my Prior Lives Party.  It will be open until the end of June, since I only have it once a month!  Some really great stuff! It has been fun to look around, so far.

I sure have enjoyed looking at, "Where Bloggers Create".  It has gotten me in gear with my spot and I have drooled over Linda's pics of Ki's, Bachman house.  I feel like I got to go, her pics were so detailed, and we like the same details.

We had a good Father's Day... All five kids, SIL, DIL, and both grand daughters, just hamburgers and a lazy day...We are putting hubby's name on the veteran's memorial here in town.  I think he was touched.

It seems like I've been leaving comments that haven't shown up, so sorry if you think I haven't been around your blog, lately.  Who knows maybe I forgot to do something. 

~ Lezlee

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day Memories...

  Daddy, in his uniform, holding my niece,
who is  39, now. 
I remember sitting in Daddy's lap and playing with his tire gauge.  I wish I could find it. I remember those maps, in their little wire racks, and the peanuts and gum machine, too.

Daddy owned, or worked, at Mobil Stations, during much of my growing up years, back when you had full service...Gee, wouldn't that be nice.  Joshua made this memory box from scraps of wood.

An old rusty tin with the cloth still in it.
Josh made the box and painted the sign, weathering it just right.

I added the decorations and memories.... 
The horse has great graphics, plus holds memories for me. 

Once Daddy told me a story about his friend, who was a steel worker in Dallas. After his friend and the others installed the Mobil horse on the skyscraper, one of them got on and rode it for a twirl. Those guys were men of steel, for sure. 
One of my button bouquets and scrabble pieces.

Daddy was 50 when I was born, so he would be 100, if he were still with us.

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies...

We are still having a party~ so hop on over!

Right now, I am playing show and tell over at My Romantic Home, Holiday Haven and Tickled Pink.

504 Main

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Prior Lives Party 4

I'm posting party linky a day early. For my entry to this month's Prior Lives Party, I thought I would show some of Momma's yard~since I had given you a little tease, already.

Here are some of her bottle and vase trees. She had bottle trees way before they were so popular. At 84, Momma isn't in style, she is style. In their prior lives...these held Milk of Magnesia, fancy water, and 7-up, others held cold cream... and some were vases... 
My son, Jeremy, made this blue one for her. She's collected bottles for as long as I can remember... 
Notice the "out house" and the "Well".
She can even make plastic look good...

Just your everyday water bottles here.
oh, yeah Momma's got plenty to see...I'll post more someday
and she has plenty of bottles waiting...and chippy chairs, too!
Just another little teaser...
Now, it is your turn... Do you have something that you have transformed or used differently than first intended or just an old something with a neat story to tell of a prior life? Well then, what are you waiting for? Link up and put a link back here, so everyone can hop around easily. Add a snap shot of you back in the day, if you'd like, because I sure would like! And do try to visit around...that's what makes it a fun party. I'm excited! Funny story: When Jan first came to this party...she thought it might be about reincarnation,( & I was a little afraid of that), but the funny thing about it to her was, she came anyway!
 Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back!

reposting for a garden party with Donna at FJI

My party is just once a month, so it will be open until the end of the month! You got two weeks~ 

Get Crackin' 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Be Kind to one another...

Turning 50 in August ...reminiscing, thoughts coming, as if I have lived Prior Lives.  Played out in other decades, millenniums even,  lived as though by another... dreamy like.  
Being a mom of five, I see patches of those days captured  in the young married, new parent, lives of my own grown ones.  

Some time back, I had a health scare, ended up  nothing, BUT...,as expected, it got me asking those questions of life, taking "the proverbial"  stock, if you will.  Those questions we've all asked through time eternal.  What  have I done? What do I need to do, here, now?  Those are the questions I take to my God ; the ones that have no earthly answers.  The ones that need wisdom, the ones with answers leading to the peace that passes all understanding.   I've resolved with God, along time ago, about life and death and the sins in my life.  So, my answer from God showed in the simple form of a regret, whispering across my soul, "Lezlee, always be kind".   I am pretty kind, as things go, filled with mercy and a tender heart, for the most part.  I didn't feel condemnation from God, only a gentle reprimand, of opportunities wasted. A reprimand meant to change me with a thoughtful reminder that kindness is  important to Him, therefore kindness is important and must be to me...When we choose kindness it beats down selfishness, which ironically  is  a road to bitterness and self destruction.  I'm glad my God, in His wisdom and kindness, wants only the best for me~An abundant life filled with joy. Now, if I was going to be selfish, wouldn't that be the kind of life I would wish for?!

Now, that all being said,  here is a funny, quintessential  picture of me in the 80's, taken at a neighbor's home.   I was the model for my hairstylist friend, ( take a look at our hair and outfits, oh, yeah, don't forget,  She entered a hair style contest and won the opportunity to travel around  malls and such doing demonstrations.  I look like something off  Star Trek, with that metallic suit!  NO choice, but  to do my hair that way, short in front, long in back, because a few days earlier, when I was using a brush curling iron it got so tangled up, by my ear, after awhile, I just gave up and cut it out, almost to the scalp! Oh, well it was burning anyway... This cut was really not in style yet, so maybe we invented it...HEE HEE. 
If only I could still fit in the this jumpsuit, I would wear it to Mindy's Dress Up Sale!

I was a stay at home mom, with four kids at the time, 
so this was a fun night for me, in my PRior LIfe.

I would love for everyone to join the party on the 16th... and feel free to add a blast  from the past snapshot of one of your Prior Lives...


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mid Summer's Night Dream

Well, because of THIS Suzette and I didn't make it to Judy Hill's. So disappointed, but I did hear she was at least able to have her show.  
So, maybe November...

It rained and poured, then rained some more~ I'm glad God gave us the rainbow, or I might have begun to wonder...Thunder and Lighting all night long with 10 inches of rain...Many, including my sisters, were without electricity and their road was closed. Channel 8 interviewed my sister, Bev. She was on the 5:00 Dallas news!  And my nephews road gave way completely...It looked like an earthquake! We are all fine, now.

But all was not lost...
We did make it to Terrell to Liz, Fran, Debbie, and Cat Daddy's first home sale in the gardens~ Lovely place and yummy refreshments. They are just really sweet folks, everyone of them...and know how to set up shop, for sure!

I'll let most of the photos speak for themselves.

 I like that tiny brush... I think it would look sweet on my bathroom shelf...They had a nice spread...
Screened tents, out building, and the lawn covered with treasures...
 Don't know this lady...but I'm sure she was having a great time!

I bought one of these, with greenish plans for it...share with y'all soon...I hope.

 Believe it or not I have more pics, because they had tons of great stuff...but y'all just need to go find out for yourselves, and while your at it you can go to those two great stores in Terrell I blogged about and to Poetry to see Mindy.
Now, go to bed, so you can get up early and head out...Some of y'all gotta long drive!

See ya'

P. S.
Don't forget Prior Lives Party on the 16th...I know I said I probably wouldn't post, but I was anxious for y'all to see this great show...Aren't you glad I did?