Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Be My Guest, Be My Guest, Be My Guest!

This is my guest room, so I was able to make it funky and fun and just used left over furniture and whatever. It is most everyone's favorite room in the house.  Comfortable sitting area, TV, big windows with a green view of a fig tree the birds love, plus a view of what's going on around town. Nothing around here is too precious, so that makes it relaxing. The baby bed is in here, too! :) ! Of course, as with too many of the rooms in my house you will notice projects to be finished, and a couple I notice that are done now!  yea!!!
 I like maps, really, I am just a very graphic person... letters, numbers, words...
My colors are RED, Blue, and YELLOW. 
I like how it makes the old wood work shout!  Yeah, Hooray, I don't look dark and dreary!
Even the hanging photos are fun shots!
My momma made the "Love One Another"
sign many years ago and I enjoy the paint by number painting, too!  
Hey, where's the light cover???
 A world map is under the U.S. one. 
These are really huge.

When I stare at the blue wall color it seems to go on forever... like everything is floating, very peaceful.

 I have a small collection of game boards...
Nothing really antique, just fun and can easily come down to play, if you want!

Never played this round one before. 
Do any of you know what it is?

 The twin to my other door in the master bath.

When I reupholster the vintage ranch oak furniture I will use this fabric  with either dark brown or black piping and buttons.

  Taken at Christmas time, of course...
 I love the old, framed "Big Chief Tablets"

 This room can really hold a family crowd.
The kind that feel welcome to waller on the bed!

Globes. Bottles collected from a fun trip. 
I found this shelf on a morning walk.
A piece in my collection of nursery themed ivy planters,
I use them to decorate at baby showers.
I have this oak ranch chair and couch in the room. I picked them up at Goodwill, 25.oo's for the set !They are so comfortable. A whole plate can fit on the arms!

This bed has the good old timey springs like Grandma used to have.

I like so many different styles, 
as you can see by the different rooms I've posted, but I like it,
so it's ok.
Join the Fun!

And don't forget Prior Lives Party on the 16th... It's just once a month, so will be open until the end of the month!


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

What a fun room! I love the blue walls with your touches of red... very fun Neat collection of board games!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

What a great guest-room!
I love the colors, the blue and yellow are so welcoming and the red is fun! I love red, but am too scared to decorate with very much of it. I think your guest room is charming and must be quite large to have a table, side chairs for relaxing a bed(which by the way is just like the one I sleep in every night!) I love the big tall windows and that door!
great fun room-- thanks for showing it.

kimmykats said...

In your wonderful unique way you have made this room a great place to stay. I love old game boards. One of my best memories of my grandparents is the time spent playing chinese checkers.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Hi Lezlee~ this room is just full of all kinds of fun and personality! I collect old games, too~ and I just love the framed tablets!!

Erin @ The Little Apartment said...

Very nice, I'm trying to get some ideas together for my lil guy's room. I like the western themed items. You've given me some good ideas (:

Sandra said...

What a great guest room and plenty roomy...love the game boards and cheery colors!

Coleen's Corner said...

Wow! I love everything, especially the Big Chief and Chinese Checkers displays... brings back great memories of the hours I spent at my Great-Grandma's house. Great job!

Barbara Jean said...

Oh, must have missed out on what party is.
Will you let me know??
Also, I am sheepishly asking for your address again, Lezlee.
package sitting on corner of table. No excuses, just bad me. =(


barbara jean

Anonymous said...

haha -- I LOVE the picture of the family hanging out in the guest room. How perfect. This room has a lot of charm, Lezlee. The colors and arrangements and nostalgia bring back so many memories and they are GOOD memories of family and a simple way of life. Thank you for sharing your room. I feel at home!

Rebecca@This Present Life said...

I love the use of maps for decoration! It really adds such a nice splash of color!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are the kind I can look at over and over!