Sunday, June 6, 2010

Junk and Disorderly Most Wanted List

This Just OUT!
A few on The Junker's List of Most Wanted Junkers
~Disorderly or Otherwise Junked~

Some are guilty through association, others willing accomplices,
                          finally some are Queen Pins!

The M and M's~ 
Wanted for making primitive and ruff disorderly mayhem, publicly junking on the streets of Athens!
Mindy and Margo...
Mindy's last known hide out sounds sweet and smooth as Poetry, while Margo, the Robolady has a regular Little Corner (JK) and was last seen at that destination around noon of the day!

The Red Neck Chic is wanted for holding the prettiest disguised loot bag,  therefore throwing off the coppers (just look at all that contraband in the background)
and Red is also well- known to have a close association with a member of the  notorious  
M & M Gang...
This one here has been on the lamb for awhile now, but
That grin and the TRASH she TALKS
will give her away every time!
That one they call Sweet Pea, a Queen Pin for sure, outsmarted the surveillance camera by staying busy  washing the money!
The prices were so great, it was like taking candy from a baby!
What's this world  a comin' too?

and don't forget my PriorLivesParty!
On the 16th

Some Curios Goods on this scale,  for sure!

It was a great sale. I am making a post about something I bought from Margo, but the other stuff are secret presents that will have to wait until after Christmas.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Ooh...look at all the goodies and fun to see all the photos of bloggers I read, too!

Vicki@MorePowerfulBeyondMeasure said...

Jealousy doesn't become me so I am trying hard not to be jealous! How lucky can you be??!!! I know you had a blast!! So hurry and post more!

shannon i olson said...

aaaahhhhh a wine rack for rolling pins.....ooooh gotta get one!
great post love all the junk!! looks like a fun crowd!

Mindy said...

I do love this post! Great pictures and what a hoot! Thanks so much for coming out Saturday! It was great seeing you! ~Mindy

red.neck chic said...

LOLOL you're too funny!!! I'll share my loot with you - out of the loot bag. ha!!! I am SO glad I finally got to meet you!!! We'll have to "meet" and junk more often!!!

:-D great pictures!!!