Monday, February 28, 2011

Glad Rags

You know the bloggers that have been with you almost since the beginning...
they know your favorite color and can picture you in your home.
Well, that is how I feel about   Glenda at Serendipity Cottage!

We have the same gas fireplaces, red claw foot tubs (hers is outdoors) and we share our Faith, just to name a I was so thrilled to win a gift from her, something her hands made...
GLAD RAGS...with a darling little flower and tag tying it together.  She sells these, too. Now go visit with this sweet lady...and thank you very much, Glenda!

I used her picture, because she is a great photographer, too. She has other colors, go check them out!

Gladly Washin' Dishes

Sunday, February 27, 2011

blogger email enabled

 Many times I write a nice long e-mail reply to some of you and then hit send, only to get the sad no-reply may not know you need to enable your email....and I may not realize you didn't get it, if  I don't notice the message...anyway, here is a link to a great blog, plus she has instructions on how to enable your e-mail.

email enabled

and here a couple of pictures, because what is a post without a picture:

                                                         my craft room...need to take more pics of it

                        and my master bath...aren't you ready for the wildflowers?!!?

email enabled

P.S. I will post soon about Mindy's sale at The P!, getting to see Robelyn again, officially meeting girls gone junkin', My Glad Rags, and eating lunch with Corn in My Coffee Pot!

Friday, February 25, 2011

For Your Dining Pleasure

Favorite from the no longer, "Cottage Living"  
You could play a fun game of pictionary here,
or do some homework... I love everything about this picture...
See ya'

Soccer Mom
e             Go Panthers!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blowing in the Wind...

Over at my bloggy friend, Amy's, she was blogging about little treasures, she felt God had given her...and it got me to thinkin' about all the little treasures that had to be God, because it couldn't be accident.  

This week, I found a little treasure on the side of the road...
                        not just a random something, that I thought was cool,
           but an inspiration piece, 
which I've longed to have in my laundry room, for quite some time. 

I've gone back to this photo of the red legged wash tub sink,  
                                                                                     so many times. 

               Sorry, I've seen it a lot in blog land, but don't know it's owner...
Since, I don't have a laundry room sink, 
I wanted it   for my dirty laundry, instead... 
I know where I can buy washtubs on a stand, but just love it when they fall from heaven...

I think this one I found will work just fine...

All this got me to thinkin' about when my only daughter and I were planning her wedding, a little over six years ago.

Besides necessity, we both enjoy and realize the benefits of sticking to a budget, soon she fixed up an excel sheet and we went to planning, buying and creating. We really prayed over the financial part, I knew my only daughter wouldn't enjoy her wedding, if she felt it had put us in debt or really in a bind in anyway, and I also knew, she was our only daughter, so in the quest to make it special,  my creative side reawakened.
 crystal bouquets and bouts we made
 daddy and daughter

We found her dress at a little shop, where the people were retiring. They only had about two dresses, left. We were in and out, with the dress and less than 30 minutes. The dress fit her perfectly, needing no alterations, costing way less than most prom dresses. One of the last items she needed was a full strapless bra, you ladies know the kind, and know they aren't cheap.

                            Moma, Jodi, me, and son, hitchhiker son~Jared
Anyway, one afternoon, as she walked in from  college, she giggled, "You will never guess what I bought today, and it was just blowing in the wind". For some strange reason, I guessed, "A bra!"  Sure enough, as her car rounded this corner, where a clothes store, that typically does not sell bras...had a full strapless bra, hanging on a clothesline, along with other apparel, just blowing in the wind! After seeing it was her size, she inquired about the price. It was ONE DOLLAR! really, no kidding! So, little wash tub kind of thing, got me to 

Sure, I  know the difference, between my junk treasures and Real treasures, 
but I am still thankful, my Savior, personally knows the little things, 
that make me say, "Yippee", when I see it on the side of the road! 

Joining the party Vintage Inspiration Friday                              

Monday, February 21, 2011

Great Shows in the Neighborhood!

Two shows I don't want to miss, but not sure I'll get there, 
but if I do tell me, "Hi!" 
and if I don't tell them, "Lezlee sent you!"
& bring me back something!!!

my bedroom!

NOT, it's Pottery Barn...BUT, maybe I'll just move in!

I have furniture about this color and have thought, not very seriously of painting it, 
but this photo makes me love it again, even if mine is a very early 80's style...
It was the first REAL furniture we purchased.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lost and Found...Childhood Table & Chairs

 Tickled Pink About My Find!

I'm thinking we had just the right amount of stuff as kids...
      just enough to remember the specialness of each piece.

 Wire holder purchased from Margo @ Winnie and Talula'a

 Mother-in-law's salt shaker
One of those remembrance pieces, for me, was a little table and chairs set, red and white, with a chalk board center

Not unusual nowadays, with the chalk board craze, but unique back then, almost magical, to me.  Last time I saw my beloved set was in our old barn, which was eventually torn down. 

Moma held on to WAY more than she should have, through the years, still, this is one piece, of my childhood stuff, I wish she could have kept...Moma picked it out for me, as a present. I loved it then, and still love the same style today, so I guess my decorating may change some with the trends, but my core style, Moma helped develop, has stayed true to me through the years, whatever that is...I just know it when I see it...Is it the same with y'all?

Thrilled to find an exact twin in Georgetown, this summer, 
it now hangs out in  in my refreshed laundry room, easily taken down, anticipating a time when the grand daughters 
ask to have a  
tea party! 

~Maybe someone rescued it from that barn, all those years ago~

Doing laundry, more of the room later...


Monday, February 7, 2011

Flea Market Style Magazine


Margo just revealed the cover of the new magazine, so start looking for it! Yea!!!