Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ornaments Made From Keyboard Keys

Joining the Party at Funky Junk with Donna...this week the party theme is handmade ornaments...
These photos were taken at the District Wide Tea... Suzette or "The Five Sisters", as we are known, decorated.

Josh did a lot of the work on these ornaments, but they were my idea, lol, and I did strip down the keys, lay out the words,  and tie the ribbons!  What can I say, "The Five Sisters" have good elves.

They are made from keyboard keys...we started making these about 3 Christmases ago...

We've spelled out lots of things...
We did a green one that said "Grinch" and a black one that spelled "Coal"

Also, special orders with folks names...I thought it would be cute to put some computer language on some, too.
                 As much as I love rust and really old junk...
I also like repurposing the new plastic junk...a fun way to keep them out of land fills, hmm?

And it works out especially well, when you can marry the two, as we did here with the rusty bed spring trees.  My sister, Beverly, made these...we all dabble in the springs, seems I never have time to post it all though.

My sister, Suzette, put this together...the ornaments were a nice finishing touch! If any of you guys remember last year's tea, you'll see we added some red to the decorating scheme this go round...I love RED!

Here is another the red vintage truck to the right, love it!

Notice all our Santa Hat Chair covers...
they were so fun!

And here is a wreath I made from bed springs, and decorated it with this sweet bird and paper tree.
Bed Springs are a blast to work with, Because it's so easy to come up with things to do with them,

but, I do tend to look like I have been in a cat fight, when I am through!

I adore using old jewelry like this pearl ear bauble, with the rust,
                                        such contrast.

Seems I always add some paper flowers and buttons...

And of course, more of our chains!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fish Bowl Snowman Snowglobe

Last year, I spied  a fish bowl snowman on Sassy Trash that her friend, Martha, made
and I wanted  to make one too!  

Here is my version!

The hat holds a candle

This was part of the decor for the Mabank ISD Tea, Suzette, Beverly, and I decorate for...
so of course we put a train in the top snow globe...this picture was taken as we were still preparing...
Suzette and Janis have the best snow anywhere...I think the Tea Room has some for sell, still.

This adorable little house was picked up at Wal~Mart and we made these chains for the scarf...
We designed, printed, cut, dyed, and put together hundreds of them...
last year you might remember we did song sheet ones...well, this year we added red into our train theme.

Bottom Globe...
two little girls, dressed in red and a tiny, shiny tree with plenty of snow.

Now, here is the one  made by is darling!

These are fun to make & would be a great way to showcase special ornaments 
or little scarves and hats your children have outgrown.

thinking outside the snow globe

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Main Bath Christmas Dressed Up for Christmas

My Main Bathroom Dressed up for Christmas...
for more of
my Main Bathroom Click Here

 The other day, it dawned on me that my cast iron tub is magnetic, duh...
isn't it fun how you can have something for awhile
and then a new idea about it will pop in your head?
Sorry the pics are blurry...

You can read about the tree I designed a couple of Christmases ago
I love Dalia's, but let's face it, even at the grocery store, they can get expensive
and are tiresome to replace all the time...
so, I made me some from coffee filters and just used twigs for the stems.
                 I will still use fresh cut and wild flowers, but this was a fun change...

I need to add a little bit of red bling to the vases.

Lezlee   joining the tree party @ Thrifty Decor Chick

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Christmas Banner

Just a little Christmas Banner, I made...

It hangs on the entryway curtain,
         from darling little clothes pins,
                each decorated with mittens, stockings, or ice skates.

 Each letter has an object representing that in

C for Christ Child (this was made by one of my students)
H for Holly

R for Rudolph the one eyed Red Nosed Reindeer! (made by one of my kids)

I for Icicle, brrr...see it right near the middle?

Then there is
S for Santa Suit, so cute!

 T is for Tree, of course.

After I spelled out CHRIST...I made a count down with                numbers, but kept on with the objects...

M is for mistletoe
A is for angel
S is for stuffed stocking...(a 1st  ornament for one of my babies)

Now, that spells CHRISTMAS, for me, 
fun, easy,  & sentimental!

Merry Christmas
HIS banner over me is LOVE,

I was hoping to join some of the Christmas Home Tours, with my whole house, we will see how that goes! 
until then go check out these great parties!



Friday, December 2, 2011

My Dining Car: The Mabank Parade of Homes 2011

Our theme for the Tea was 
"All Aboard the Panther Express for an Exemplary Christmas"

So we had a bunch of trains,

AND  for my crazy, pretend board members table, I decided to turn my whole set into a dining car!  The cargo (old dove-tail shipping crates and vintage luggage is on top and the decadent meal on the table...

I also added a back wall this year, so I could paper it in dictionary sheets and have sconces...the old frame was snatched up on trash day, from a neighbors trash, on my way to work.  Didn't it make a great chalk board!?It made me do a quick double back when I spotted it sticking out of the can! 

You can't tell, but I used bedspring wreaths as my chargers, more details to follow. Also, we will be on the tour tomorrow...It begins at the Tri~County Library on Market Street in Mabank, 4 homes and two businesses.  My friend Susie's  House is on the tour and it is great!  So, come on... I would love to see you!