Monday, July 26, 2010

Peach Cobbler Time

This recipe and the photos are mostly for my kids... My middle son took some peaches home and made two cobblers already...and I  made one for Moma's house and one for my house, so far.

We have a tree outside our bedroom window, with the best peaches.  We used to have two.  I didn't plant them and I don't do much to take care of them, so I just think it is the most awesome present each spring when I see the blossoms and know the good fruit God is preparing for us.

Separate your dough. Sometimes, I have 4 or 5 balls, depending on the size of the cobbler.

I pat the dough ball out to resemble the shape of the pan, then

Continue rolling the dough, keeping the shape...
I use my MIL's rolling pin.  Everything seems to "make better", when I use the things we inherited from her.

Cut the dough into strips.

I really didn't take the time to lattice the top, as I usually do, because I was in a hurry to go with my sisters to decorate for the wedding in Georgetown, TX, but it was still yummy!

Now, how about a little Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell Ice cream on the side! I hope yours taste as well as mine, because I have to say my peaches or divine!

Here is the recipe, but I am always making a little more dough than this, and a little more sugar...
This  recipe was published in a Texas State Fair cookbook, that my sister Beverly gave me, so you know it is good. It won, "Best of Show".          Enjoy!!!

1/2 cup of corn oil, sorry that part wasn't clear.  I also write notes and dates in my cookbook. Here I included the verse:

I Timothy 6:6 

6But godliness with contentment is great gain.

I wrote that 9 years ago, but I still recall  experiencing the joy, of busy hands, along with the peace which came, being content, with the good fruit God provides for our daily life.


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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Inside the Home For Sale~

Promised inside photos!
What a stairwell...You don't really want it do you??? 
Thinking about dusting...

Look at the detail on the underneath of the stairway...It also had a back staircase. I didn't get a pic of.

Stained glass on nearly every window...

Two different sets of double pocket doors, can you imagine?

great trim work everywhere you look!

More stained glass, if you please, and some chandys, too!!!

Dark, sorry, but wanted to show you the grand openings, throughout.

Front entrance with chandelier

How about these tin ceilings and the glass door knobs?

The Realtor said she didn't think anyone had lived here in 20 years.  If we could just get 200 of us,  to pay a thousand each, we could purchase this gem! lol, wouldn't that be fun!

Built ins with glass knobs, sun room, and this  huge added on room  with brick floors...It is really huge!

Windows on all three sides of the sun room. I could enjoy a cup of coffee, here.

One last shot of the outside! Bye Bye, big ole' home!

I've still got some pics of the shops there, things we bought, and some outsides of other cool homes around our B & B, so will post when I get the chance. Planning a trip with William to Jefferson, Texas, also.  The wedding went great and took pics of that as well. We went to some really cool shops, too!

If you haven't looked at all the party links this month on 
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moma's Scenes

I know y'all want to see the inside of the house, but my blog postings seem to have a mind of their own...and right now, Moma is on my mind...

We drove to my cousins house today, to deliver a big purchase she made (from the trip). While there, I took pictures of a scene she had on the wall, my mother made, probably 20 years ago...and I just wanted to share a very small piece of the things my mother has created through the years...she's also made dolls from Sculpy, that are amazing. Really, most her creations are from things she found...Anyway enjoy Moma's scenes...clink on them to enlarge!

Clothes on the line, speckled "sculpy" buckets holding flowers, a rock well, mailbox with little red flag, wood and barbed wire fence, outhouse, screen door, detail after detail, flower climbing up the chimney, yellow vegetable in a wooden box... looking back in time...through Moma's eyes...

Notice the veggies in the green box, at far right and the birdhouse, upper left?

Moma sold many of these windmills, by themselves, on old barn wood. Sunflowers and barbed wire, old shingles~ put on one at time, same with each rock...

The rusted roof  barn, with a chicken coop at the end, a tiny ladder completed the country scene...

 old barn has rusty door hardware...

Here is the whole scene!

I'm going out of town again, I'll bring back more pics of the wedding reception we are doing...

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Home For Sale!

Around the corner from our Bed and Breakfast, sat this little place...Just think of the possibilities...???

Two car garage...

Looks like a place for the carriages...

The Real Estate lady said they would probably take 200,000 for it, I will post more inside pics later...

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Monday, July 19, 2010

B&B Cousin Trip~

We stayed here, in Winsboro, Texas at, "Thee Huble House".  This was the main house where we ate breakfast, both mornings. Grandma Sapp had seven children... Each one of her children were represented by someone, except Aunt Louise, none of her family was able to come.  Our rule from the beginning was no children, but Aubrey came this year and I think we amended the rule to only nursing children, under one...She was great on the trip and yes, I am totally biased to my grand daughters, but it is true, just the same!

Following are pictures of where we stayed...

This morning when I woke, I was wondering when breakfast was being served...It doesn't take long to spoil me to the good life!  William did bring me a cup of coffee, at least! lol

Loved this blue tub, but I wanted to redecorate just a bit, lol...

Reminds me of my doors and trim work...

Besides, the main house...They had this place, which we rented. It had six bedrooms  and the pool outback

 Nancy outside our place...

This is the back of the main house

Now, here are more shots of the grounds ...

A small cottage is also available.  Ima Hogg visited relatives here, as a young girl, and this was touted as her playhouse, on such visits...

It also had a pond and a large gazebo, with two ceiling fans, where some of us played games. I must have deleted some pics, somehow, when my memory card was full.  I will be posting some of the shopping, not as many photos as I would have liked, with the memory card problems, plus an awesome house, for sale, built in 1900.  I loved being with my cousins, and hope even more are able to come next year. We visited  Salado, last year, and are invading  Fredericksburg, TX next year, so start planning now, cuz!

Now, Prior Lives Party started while I was away, so you better join in and go to visiting with everyone!  It will be open until the end of July!