Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Prior Lives Party Coming Soon!

Since we only have Prior Lives Party once a month, thought I'd send out a reminder.  It starts on the 16th and last until the end of the month!  At least two weeks to post and look at everyone's cool priors.  Anyone who has never joined before, it is a party about items that once were used differently, in their Prior Lives, but have been repurposed, or they are old and hold the history of Prior Lives, in the stories they have to share.  It is a lot of fun and really different type posts, than most parties.  It isn't a huge party, so everyone can hop around and see what others have to share, the best part of any party, I think.  Thank you so much, to my regular partiers, I know I don't have fancy thumbnails, buttons, whistles, bells and hardly ever prizes...So, I really appreciate you showing up!

Now, for some before and afters...The afters aren't quite finished, but those  biting 'skitters were fierce and won the battle way before dusk, so I'll be back at dawn!

Now, I know this photo looks like I just painted them a pretty black, but they are really that dark brown antique varnish that I don't like...depressing and drab.

Now, this very sturdy,teeny, tiny, ivory table and chair will go in my closet, as my dressing table...I may look like the clown in the circus car, sitting there, but I do fit, lol!  

I've tried several things in my closet, none fit just right, 
but this little Goodwill purchase fit just right! 
Hopefully, I won't sit the bottom out!
The End



Vicki@MorePowerfulBeyondMeasure said...

Love that little set! I have never, ever seen one before...thought things in Texas were big...LOL! It's precious! I never find anything that cute at Goodwill. You'll enjoy this!

Prior said...

I'm thinking it is a telephone table...I just love the workmanship...I could have gone hog wild in Goodwill, they had all this 1920's furniture, that would have that shabby French look, if painted...Just to die far, to bad I don't have a place for them around here, or a shop! Lez

clustres said...

That little set is too cute!

Granny said...

I'm lovin that little set.

Kathy said...

THIS is darling!! Absolutely DARLING. I dont' think I've ever seen anything quite like this. Just adorable. And the remark you made about looking like a clown in a circus car? Had me howling!!


Susanne said...

That's the tiniest table an chair set I've ever seen, I mean for one you're supposed to sit in! Love the paper chain cord cover from an earlier post. I'll be back to check out the Prior Party and will participate if I get some pictures made of something I put together yesterday.

Beth R said...

While I would look like an elephant on a golf tee sitting there I can only imagine how adorable you will be! That is a super cute set!