Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Do you know where your magazines are???

Daisy Toad  was asking the question over  at junkrevolution, "How do you store your magazines?"...I know that is a problem with many of us, because we love our mags! 

For along time, Moma kept her magazines in a chicken coop, running along the wall of her den.  Now, that was a great spot!
Moma always justified buying and saving them, because it got her imagination going, which in turn would inspire her to create, then sell.  I would agree, furthermore, a few of my magazines are old, timeless friends, that I go back to, for comfort and advice, really, lol, I do. 

I can't part with my ME Home Companions..., my Cottage Living, and many of my Country Home.  I, especially, keep my Christmas months, of all publications.  A new magazine, I won't part with, is Flea Market Style, plus any by Matthew Mead.  I love the DIY ones, for doable projects, too; along with organization ones, and Romantic Homes, Better Homes and Gardens... the list grows...

Being a military family, with weight limits... I would go through my magazines, before each move... but now, I'm not moving.  I need to get a handle on my clutter...now that I'm not doing the purge to move bit.

Here are my magazines....I have to make myself get rid of some, and with the internet, I probably don't buy as many, but there is nothing better, as for as decorating, than opening your mailbox and seeing your new magazine, waiting, like a gift!  And there is just something so wonderful about curling up and examining every picture, reading each word!  Moma said, she felt as if she knew the contributors to Country Living and Country Home.  She subscribed to each of those publications, since their beginnings.  I still remember her excitement over Country Living, finally a magazine, that got her style! She drove over 60 miles round trip to purchase it, at first.   She doesn't do the computer, writing her weekly newspaper article, on a yellow legal tablet, but she would love this bloggy community... I sometimes print off blogs for her.

I keep most of magazines, in this newspaper rack, the kind where real estate sales or free newspapers are stacked, and it holds a bunch, when no more will fit, I MAKE myself get rid of One, only after going through and taking out anything I want to save. But, the newer ones, or the ones showing a holiday or season going on right now,  are around the house...

I love this vintage block wagon.  It will hold quite  a few mags...

And some of you, the ones blogging with me awhile, will remember my sweet, tiny wash tub, bought from Mindy, at Winnie and Talula's.  It holds mags just great, but at Christmas time it holds my tree.

Well, do you have your magazines under control, with a great system?  I'd loved to know!



littlethings1 said...

Cute, love your little wagon and the tub holding your magazines ! I too am a magazine lover ! I have them stored in several places , but make myself get rid of some too, but hard to do !

Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

I had magazines from years ago. I've recently been going through and culling them. I quickly go through them and dog ear any interesting pages. When I get through, if a magazine has a lot of dog ears, I write "keep" near the top and store it inside or on my coffee table. If only a few are dog eared, I tear those pages out, scan them into the computer and put them on a disk. Any magazine that has few or no dog ears, goes into a garage sale box.

kimmykats said...

I have on old crate box that they fitted with all differnt sized boxes. It is used as my end table and all the cubby's are filled with my magazines. I too can't throw out my Country Home--I do miss that magazine!

Granny said...

Magazines are about the only thing I don't have a big colleciton of. I have a small collection of old crochet magazines in the sewing/junk room. I don't subscribe to any but love finding old country style decorating magazines at yard sales. I store them inside our coffee table that Grampy made from a sewing table. The top lifts up and the magazines are in there.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Howdy Lezlee....!

I USED to keep my magazines until I figured it was MOSTLY the pics I was interested in....I spent one whole rainy saturday curled up on the lounge with my mags & scissors cutting out all the DROOL WORTHY pics & then glued them into several ring binder notebooks....I often take one to work & open up to an inspiring page to get me through those 'save me' moments....hahahahaha....!!

Mind....I haven't been able to bring myself to chop up my copy of Flea Market Style....!!

Tamarah :o)

shannon i olson said...

oh! magazines....magazines....magazines....what to do.. Buy more!!!

red.neck chic said...

Uhmmmmm............ no. There is no control in my house. They are everywhere. LOLOLOL AND! You and I share our favorites!!! The good thing with my addiction is that "the Mama" feeds it. See, she's a mag hound and buys them ALL... then she gives them to me!!! And then I can't get rid of them... and they take over.


LOVE the wash tub - and the wagon - and the newspaper holder! I'm going to have to go pick mine up and find some way to store them.... I'll be back.

;-) robelyn

Holly Lefevre said...

I got nothing...I have magazines everywhere...some are in a vintage suitcase...some in baskets, some under my bed, some in stacks, some in the garage. Magazines are a serious addiction. I like the rack - I am going to have to look for one of those!

I was so sad to see ME Home Companion stop publishing.

deb said...

OMG! I am with you sister!! Not having to "make weight" we can keep everything!!!! LOL
That was scary...I needed to get a handle on it or I'd end up on Hoarders! LOL

Now, to get rid of the feeling of moving when the walls get dirty...what do they mean? paint?
Thought you just moved! LOL!!!