Thursday, July 5, 2012

Be My Guest, Be My Guest, Be My Guest!

 It has been some time since I posted about this guest room
I've had it painted this way about 7 years.
Now that I have started refreshing it...
I decided to post these pics as a 
"before" post

This graphic little tray was the inspiration 
for this guest room...
yeah,  we have a couple, now that all but one of our five kids are grown and gone.

This retro tray made me think of 50's & travel, along with    kitschy souvenirs, picked up at gas stations
It brings back memories of our families Carry All, one of the 1st  SUVs.  
I love the blue, when you stare, it becomes an endless sky,
so peaceful...even with the brights of the red and yellow... 

Love the illustrations representing each state, so cool.

 I purchased this chair and couch from Goodwill about 7 years ago,
 for $25.00...
the cushions are in great shape, just dated and dirty...
so I covered them with 
grain sacks
Josh was given,
 for free... 

I washed them several times with detergent and Downy...

I left the one on the chair right side out, then turned  the couch ones inside out.

I had seven matching ones: that just worked out!

The couch and chair are
 "Genuine Cushman Colonial Creations"
and are fairly collectible,
I first thought they were Oak Ranch.
 what I love about them is...
 a full dinner plate will fit on the arm  
they are  comfortable to sit on & easy to get up from. 
 If you want to waller you are welcome to stretch out on the bed!
We like to waller 'round here.

 Moma gave me this sweet dresser for our daughter, Jodi, 
when she was getting a 
"Big Girl Room"
Our windows are 12 x 6 double hung panes and 83 inches long...
We have a  veiw of the neighborhood goings on, 
also among other trees, is a fig tree, the birds favor.
This Right here
 is one of my favorite sitting spots in our home.


This corner has been set up a few ways,
Just a chair, a round breakfast table and chairs, a baby bed...
I'm guessing it will stay a grand kid corner for awhile, lol.

Big Chief Tablets! Who remembers those?  

We found the yellow license plate in this old house...JV, my dad's initials.
the rusty middle globe was snagged at The P
& William and I bought the colored glass vases to remind us of a trip we took.
I found this little shelf on a morning walk, in the trash, 
so yes, I did finish the rest of my walk carrying it home.

All of the colorful bits and pieces of this room are not text book design, 
instead it is full of memories new and old.
It is one of the most used and favorite rooms of our home.


 This lamp is left over from when the baby bed was set up.

This doll crib is a one dolloar garage sale steal.
I'm hoping
 my grand kids may grow to have an appreciation
 for the quality of older items.
This well- made toy has been around for awhile.

Older toys, 
such as building blocks, tinker toys, bubbles, art collage supplies,
 generic doll babies, clothes, play food, real dishes, &  trucks
Spark Imagination.
They don't tell children what or how to do something;
They just let them DO!
The child makes the plans and carries them out.
 Play is  important.
Putting toys away is important, too.

This rocker is great for rocking them grand kids.  
It is soft  & "Grandma Sized"

I have enough of these deluxe bingo cards to cover the whole wall above the bed.  
I just may!

For your wallering pleasure, an iron bed with the old timey springs,
a relaxing napping spot.

The perfect jumping bed. (& we allow that, just a little)!

I have a few game boards, nothing expensive...
but I like 'em.
We could take them down and play, even.

I want to Paint The Floor !!!!

 The floor was painted around the edges
 and had roll out linoleum. 
The kind bought at the hardware store, when I was young.
It was pretty, but so brittle I couldn't save any.
I wish I had just a piece framed. 
 Also, wish  I could go down to Boatright's Hardware Store and buy some more.

I sent the boys' hand prints in a letter to Moma, 30 years ago.
She kept them all that time and gave them back to me, framed... about 10 years ago. 
How sweet is that? They were two and three years old, my babies...I was 21!

 This book is filled with adorable sketches and touching verses.
Displaying a book on this  
gigantic clip board 
 makes changing the page so easy.

That way, I can enjoy different pictures after awhile.

There's room for some snap shots, too.

 I love "The Look". However, it is kind of Itchy
So, I am not finished, yet!

 My sister, Suzette & my friend, Suzie have awesome guest rooms...
I hope to  post about them soon!
You will swoon!

Be My Guest

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