Monday, June 27, 2011

Parade Party

Another small town thing we do here in Mabank is "Western Week".  It all revolves around the yearly rodeo, with food, games, bed races, queens to be crowned, and of course the main event the three night rodeo, ending with a dance.  It used to be a street dance, but since building the new has since been held there, with some still preferring the nostalgia  of the street dance.  As a kid,  I wasn't encouraged to attend such a thing, lol.

 Here it comes~!!!!

 Sisters and long~time cowgirls...

Do y'all see Grace Ann?

 Don't you just love have traditions begin?....

 Roni~Roni and Doodles enjoyed it, along with some of my great nieces and nephews!

 Uncle Sam and Besty Ross rode...

A party unplanned is sometimes the best party of all...Many stayed late and played 42.

We happen to live on the parade route!  About 10:00 A. M., I thought what about a parade party!!! And a great tradition was born... with family and friends, especially the new grands. 

Sandwiches, Sundaes, and Chocolate pie following the parade!

Making Memories and Embracing life in a small town...

Yee Haw


To all my local blog friends: You are cordially invited to next year's annual parade party!
Save the Date and bring your dominoes!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Graduation Party Ideas

Well, my baby of five graduated High School, this May...One of the reasons I've been so busy this Spring.  I didn't throw a party for any of my other kids, but we did go out to eat or commemorate in some fashion. 

Here's a little tour of the party decor...

 Starting at the front Entrance...

Pictures everywhere... 
Jacob, in red and his best friend Josh, in yellow ~ Pre-k!

 Jacob wearing one of Moma's many hats. She is famous for her hat wearing and at one time or another most of her grand kids and great grands  have been photographed wearing one!  She is a great- great grandma.

  Moma picked up this little ceramic shoe at Goodwill, back in March for Jacob's birthday...He loves soccer, played since he was 4, and played for his High School team.  This is a cloche I always leave sitting on the buffet.  It can easily change with the seasons or go with the flow of whatever is going on in our home.

 For Jacob's graduation party,  I enclosed the tickets and program, along with the decorations

 This is a  drink Koosie, cut open, like a book...these were leftovers from a Sr. party us parents threw, just for them, which was so much fun, a great last time together as a class.  If your Sr. doesn't have a party like that planned, you should head one up!

 The overall buffet...a place for cards and more pictures.  I simply laid a frame down across his fav class picture.  The vase with white roses are a touching tradition of our Sr. Assembly, held during the school day for students, family and friends...The entire class file in connected by the silver shiny ribbon and flowers they are holding (on the buffet) and at the end of Sr. Assembly they walk across a wooden play bridge, which many of them climbed on in Kindergarten, and their ribbon is cut, kind of like apron string.  Each student keeping their flowers and a portion of the ribbon.

I really,  wanted to get the stairs finished painted, but procrastination and other legitimate priorities have come first...besides it was  family coming, and they don't mind...and I almost hesitated to show y'all my slowness, but I knew you would understand and be excited when I finally do show you the "after" pics.  Right now every other stair is painted and no risers...but painting isn't always what my life is about. Sometimes it is about a spoonful of this or a glass of that.

 This turned out to be my favorite spot...around from the buffet, tucked into a tiny corner, we have a coat rack.  I dress it up in Jacob's invitation, program, tie, sashes, cap and gown...with a little ribbon and confetti thrown in. Panther Paws and picture of us with Jacob at Baccalaureate.  "Done".

Another tradition we have is doing a silhouette  of every Kindergartener and then again as a Sr.,
                             sadly they have stopped doing the Sr. one.
           I have an overhead projector, wonder if I could get him to sit still a minute, lol.

 We hold graduation over an hour away...and the graduate has to be there so early...the timing was just off and it is so hard for everyone to make it so far, with all the busy lives, add in  tornadoes all around, that night.  Even with all of that, Jacob did have all his immediate      family and then some. 

Next, you step up to the dining room...

Just some ribbon, tissue, napkins, and more far as I'm concerned nothing beats photographs!

The table centerpiece...A Panther, of course!

 This next little idea, I got from Lanette.
She is full of them, so check out her blog...
Look at the little rock, "You Rock Jacob".  
When she posted about this,
I thought it was just so very clever.

          These little vignette was on my heritage hutch

 Next around the corner from my dining room...We had an icecream Sundae bar set up in my laundry room. It looked really "sweet", with all the toppings showcased, in my milk glass, but I was so busy with the party in full swing, sorry, no pictures.

My huge deep freeze is right under this and that is where the Sundae Bar was set up.  "Cheeky" is his nick-name, so I just put it up on the table with magnetic letters, for a little personal touch.  We also had Chili Dogs with all the works in the kitchen.  To make it flow , the drinks and desserts are  in the laundry room part of my great room.  

After the kitchen, (that I didn't take any pics of) you step down and are full circle, back to my living is another idea I got from Lanette, when she had her own son's graduation party. 

Our French Doors... decided on black paint for them, someday.

We had tables outside, too, since we had 45 guests, but only the really young and the smokers ventured out in this Texas heat.  I double sided the photographs, so there would be one to look at outside, too. I couldn't put them all the way down, 'cause of them grand daughters!  They love Jacob.  They both stand at the bottom of the stairs and just yell his name.

oh, yeah, as I was cleaning for the party, I found my crystal stash, so I added a little to my piano roll shade. It had a little ring just begging for it, also it helps weight it down. 

At the spur of the moment, I decided to have a celebration,  at home the following weekend.  So, these are some of my ideas, besides napkins, picked up last year for hardly anything, I don't think I purchased much to decorate with, maybe a few dollars spent at Goodwill and such.  Mostly, I just walk around and decided where to add some party!  Paying attention to the flow of 45 people and it turned out great!

Hopefully, if you have a party, in your future,  some of these ideas, will come in handy, too.  We don't have to spend lots of money for meaningful decorations, just use what you got, especially personal items, and let your imagination grow!

done graduated


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Have You Seen My Keys???

I've made a few of these key holders...they are good sellers...
They are keys.  They spell keys. They hold keys.

& I think we, us junkers, need to start exploring ways to re-use some of the new junk that is trashing our world, 
so this is part of my contribution to that, if you would like to see what I've done with a keyboard just click it. I'd love to see any ideas you have for New Junk.

 an old apothecary bottle filled with tattered bits of life...

 A rusty key for adornment...tied with jute.

                  Hey, maybe I left my keys in my vintage handbag....

or maybe my keys are hiding behind another button bouquet,  on a vintage frame,
                                                                              notice our card...
           It is the old hotel where us 7 kids grew up...
                                                                 5 Sisters and Two Brothers...

I used an old brown bottle, with Anacin written on the side, for this they still make Anacin? Luckily, I seldom, if ever, have a headache, but all this searching for keys, may lead to one.
                  The frame is resting on something I will post about later, too tired right now,

We have made it our mission, this past week, to help Moma sort through some of her things...
                                                         plus  fatten her up.  We were successful! Her room is straight,

She has gained almost 7 pounds in 7 days!  

God is Good!  

and so is Blue Belle Ice Cream.

 May the Lord Bless You and Keep You

It takes a lot of energy and time to fatten  little ole' stubborn ladies up, so I may not be posting so much, we'll see...
but I will be browsing, so y'all keep posting!  I hope to see you at Winnie and Talula's,  maybe I'll bring Moma, too.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Junk and Disorderly

It's that time again, this Saturday the 18th...
click on link to read about last year, fun, fun, fun!

And here are some pics of my jars, just because...what's a blog post without pics?

The Five Sisters at the Victorian Lady Tea Room

 Chalking it up


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Judy Hill Show

I'd like to take my little Sears wagon to the Judy Hill Show and fill it Up!  Or if you are around the Waxihatchi  area the Paper Cowgirl  is having a vendor night open to the public. Both places sound fun, but don't know if I will make it to any of them.  Life is busy, isn't it?  But, Life is good!

Bumping up and down in my little red wagon of life...