Saturday, February 13, 2010


So, my friend from JMS told me that this is a piano caster. Now that she says that, I totally see it! This post is about this here little crown. It came about when I picked up a a squished up metal basket at Goodwill. Again another person embarrassed to sell me something says, "Oh, I can't charge you 79 cents for that! I'll let you have it for 49 cents." Funny, huh? I knew instantly it would become a crown, two in fact, one from the lid and one from the bottom. The bottom one is packed away at the moment.


I love the metal flower, don't you?

I've just been placing it all around, trying to decide where it will stay for awhile

I do like it around the candle, do you?

Do you care?

Tee HEE!

Now, this book I love too. It is all about the health of crops.
Illustrations show sick and healthy versions of each crop.

A fifty cent bargain!

~One more shot~

The Girl Creative

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Portable Valentine's Light

Janice, Suzette, and I went all around this past week end... we didn't find as much as we usually do, but I got this portable candle holder, you know it has wheels! The lady in the junk store almost seemed ashamed when she quoted the price of one dollar to me, kinda' like she thought she was cheating me! Look at the wonderful rusty, crusty, piece ah junk! I think Janice thought I was a little weird to be so thrilled! The great beveled mirror underneath was in the house when we moved in. The newspaper is showing through the back. It is really heavy-

A red candle for Valentine's Day!!!

My Moma and Daddy
on their honeymoon, in the 40's,
Opal & Julius

Rusty, Crusty, Wheel...

I picked up a bunch of these cups at a great buy, 25 cents each, from a party store! It was after Valentine's Day and I used them for my son, Jeremy's rehearsal dinner, February, 4 years ago! They are expecting their first child any day!!!

Using the rusty stand for the Hot Chocolate Pot

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Would you have paid a dollar for this? I am joining the party at

would you buy it Wednesday!
It is really a rusty piano caster...

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Valentine Party here

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Joshua "Jack"

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One summer during college times Josh wanted to learn to paper mache. He made a Jack head. Everyone has had so much fun with it... They've gone to different fast food places for photo ops, have won money with Jack at costume contests, and we had him dressed for Christmas and on top of one of the displays this day and it really drew your eye.

This is a table we had at a show recently. The top is an old door and Josh made the feet and legs.

Josh made the feet of the table legs by cutting a piece of siding into four, from our house that was built around 1903, then putting them together.

This is the corner detail of the potting tables he makes... I've shown in other posts...

Good Night! Lezlee

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