Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cheer and Vote

Asking for a little bloggy friend help, Please!
My daughter in law, Jerri, has Christian Cheer Company. She teaches cheer leading and has been involving the squad in community service. Go watch the video.  I promise it will touch your heart and make you happy to see young people having the opportunity to help people.
Go Here , on facebook, and request to be a friend, scroll down until you see Christian Cheer's Video,  and click on "like" to vote, I know that it's a hassle, but I would love for you to support their efforts and promise you will get a blessing from the video! thanks!

You can't vote on youtube, you have to do it on this face book page.
 Big Thanks,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

burlap, bling, and rusty bed springs...thinking outside the box "spring"

Just a sneak peek of Sister # 1's (Suzette's) guest room redo... plenty more beautiful to come. really, beautiful...

thinking, "Outside the box spring " was a comment left by Heather . So true! We have been busy making everything that "springs" to mind, out of the dang pretty thangs.

happy camper

Lezlee   joining some parties...

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 French Party 

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Looking Back...

 Christmas Tour
 grand daughters...

 Holiday decor...

 Master on it if you want to see more of my master bath...

 Shopping for cool treasures

 day dreamin'...

 Round Top Ruffles and Friends...
 5 Sisters at the Victorian Lady Tea Room in Mabank, Texas
Lookin' Back..while trying to organize some of my pics....Lezlee

Friday, July 15, 2011

more ways than one to dress up your windows

Posted by Picasamy friend Mary Jane  Plemons gave me some cool stuff...among the treasures were some dominoes, skeleton keys, and buttons...I already had the wire and bed

Just some more of my wierd different window treaments, I've got more posted...
                                                                                                       with more to come, I'm  sure, lol.

Thanks MJP!  I'm thinkin' up a little somthin' for you.

I made something yesterday,
but it sold before I got a picture,
darn...I want remember it tomorrow, lol.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monkey See Monkey Do

Funky Junkupdated repost...Joining Way too late for the Copy Me Challenge
but I still wanted to show off my knock~off idea from Funky Junk...
remember where she used a vintage hanger to hang a curtain?...well here is my version...
and I am linking it to a fun party featuring Donna's style.

a spice jar, turned candle holder...added a little Epsom Salt...
sometimes I use rock salt, but the Epsom has a finer glimmer to it...
the two salts work well mixed together with a little glitter, too.

and of course a touch of bling~never hurts!

I used a plant hanger to hang my hanger...

since I don't have molding, plus it needed to be very secure.

    I really didn't want a curtain up on this window.
    The player piano roll fit the skinny entry window perfectly,
with the tiny note holes allowing a pretty pattern of light.
    The song is "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" 
    and I think it made a sweetheart of a pull shade.

The openness of an old canning jar basket resting on a rusty aquarium base
 keeps the small area from appearing crowded.

Parts of the roll were very brittle,
decoupaging some dress patterns around reinforced those spots without altering the look much.

 ignore me, in the mirror, and I am still am in the tweaking stage of my entry
(one reason I didn't post it during the challenge, but decided to show it now and add more pics as it evolves)

Blogging is a great place for inspiration and encouragement...
When I see an idea, my imagination just shoots off to new ideas and  ways I can incorporate it for my home.
That creative process is fun, isn't it?
Have you taken an idea lately and changed it up a bit to fit you?

Adding one more picture...when I found my crystal bling, I dangled helped to weight it, too.

pulling down the shades and going to bed..


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