Friday, April 30, 2010

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I got a blog award! from Jessa@Holiday-Haven....Thank you so much...This is my first time, so I hope I do it right...

3 things I love about myself
1. I like to laugh       2. I can imagine         3. I am God's child!

My moma, Opal Irene Sapp Toney.  She is a treasure.  I love this picture of her...

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Many of the blogs I love have been at it awhile and wish to be tag and blogger award free, BUT every blog I go to inspires me!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Fruits of the Spirit Tree

Southside is one of the school's in our district. In the background is hope, a Fruit of the Spirit.

Little tree, Suzette, my sister, made all the ornaments, spelling out the each school's name and the "Fruits of the Spirit." It was darling.

The letter beads were purchased at a "just a dollar" type store, that has good craft items.  This was all part of the school reception held for the whole district. Suzette has been in charge of the decorations for awhile now, and I help her.

This little "cloche"is an upturned votive holder placed on a candle holder with a nest and card ornament inside. The word believe was part of a set of magnetic words picked up at, you guessed it, Goodwill.  Cloches were used throughout, for many guests, it was their first introduction to the wonderful world of cloches! tee hee

 This was the sign in table and where the door prize bowl was kept... I came up with this theme, because we are one of the very few exemplary school districts, which is the highest RANK you can have in Texas and we also decorated with village replicas of our home town.  I'll post about them another day.  I was proud when this scene, with a few staging changes, was picked for the  district wide Christmas card!

The snowflakes are cut with our die cut machine from old dictionary sheets. Song sheets would be be great, too... added  Panther paws and a little glitter, of course!

There is sooo much decorations from this one event; I am just sharing one table today, with Jill at her "Junk"le Bells Party , go check it out and join in, Too!

Next year the room we decorate will be part of our town's Christmas Home Tour!!!
We have always done the more traditional colors, with some twists, but this year we are going for the more neutral, snowy, mercury glass, tattered look!  Hope we can pull it off.
It is fun seeing people's reaction to new ideas!

gosh I don't know about these lines, but I'm tired, so just read between the lines! Lezlee

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vintage Themed Baby Shower

Another baby shower...

A real cloth diaper... I had to concentrate pretty  hard to remember how to fold them... the diapers are so cool, because you can change what you put inside and match them to the shower theme. I've used pink tulle with very girly filler and animals for a jungle theme. Also pinned them together as a tablecloth for the gift table. 

I did actually  use cloth with the first 3 kiddos! Did any of you!?

The framed ultrasound picture background material is what the nursery is done in...So everyone at the shower had a little peek of the nursery...

This shower had a vintage theme...because new mommy likes that kind of thing, and so do I!
Golden Books, old blocks and tops, and vintage Fisher Price desk set, balloons...each table had an old game board anchoring the centerpieces.
I used the Golden Books to elevate food trays and stuffed in some of the diapers with the blocks and tops...
Didn't take many pictures that day...

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Prior Lives Party... We're still partying so come on over!
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Biggest Loser Show: Mabank

Many of you have  followed Abby Day Rike's story on the popular show, "The Biggest Loser". Well, she is from here and Abby and Jillian  came to our School earlier in the year and that episode will air Tuesday night.  I work at the school, so I was in the stands and my son was on the gym floor, at half court, so it will be fun to look for him. Of course I know most of the kids, and especially the one they interviewed.  Abby's parents have been members of my church a long time and I remember them bringing their beautiful red headed grand daughter with them to church. Abby's tragedy touched our town and now so many others. Abby is the only contestant I know of, that Jillian didn't go off on. That day of the taping she even said Abby was helping her with the cussing.  I haven't watched this season, but I will watch Tuesday. It was interesting seeing the behind the scenes stuff that went on while they were taping. 

Oh, by the way, we had a tornado last night, but we are all fine!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finishing the Terrell Field Trip!

Now I awhile back I talked about this other store in Terrell that was so interesting, but I didn't take pictures inside... I went back, so here you go!

The old Barber Shop

 Moma  the original one and only "Mrs. Opal"

This place is so Amazing, for all the toil that went into it. It's the traditional antique store, with booths rented to different vendors filled with good stuff, BUT, what is most unique are the booths themselves! Each booth is a representation or replica of a real place in Terrell, like the church, bank, somebody's porch, and on and on... screen doors open and close to the "porch", a bell hangs high from the"church" steeple...all the while shopping, worshipful gospel music envelops, making one feel they've been to church... worth the trip.

See the church bell!

The "Church" with its stained glass windows!

Some booths have cool old screen doors...

I bought an old galvanized janitor's mop bucket with the mop wringer... I think it will make a great planter or fountain, even.  It was another great Texas day!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Birds Are Back!

Our classroom birds are back and I got a few pictures this time...

This is one of the babies, resting , after having some flying lessons...A face only a momma could love.

 Singing for his supper.  They are so Cute!

Daddy Cardinal feeding the babies, too. There are 3 babies this batch. Last year, they had 4 at once. They will have two more families, if they do the same as last year.  Momma feeding babies...

It has been really good to watch and talk to the kids about it. The birds are great examples of parents: building a home, Momma sits on the nest and Daddy brings her food, and they both feed the babies and teach them to fly.

We've had such an eye-level view of it all.  None of us ever tire of watching.  And sometimes, like this week, they've gotten our minds off things for a minute and brought us a  little        joy.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Next Precious Grand Daughter!

She is only one day old in these photos.
My little great niece is giving her a kiss.
Look at all that hair!

Her daddy, my son, looks pretty happy, too.
It is such a joy watching him be such a good daddy!

Remember I promised pictures.   This my 2nd grand baby...
She is 2 months old now.  She is so pretty and sweet!

Her wonderful mommy is my  talented dil, who made the zebra outfit...

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Come to My Party Directions...


This pic was in a mag...Mid West Living... It's about the cutest thing ever!

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Prior Lives Party...

It got published on the wrong date, sorry.

Prior Lives Party 2

This used to be just an old rusty fan, but now it displays photos and family keepsakes... I posted about it once, check it out...

My very talented DIL was given an embroidery machine for Christmas and promptly made this outfit, and more, for her new baby, born in February, BUT what makes this a prior is these 

jeans were previously my son's! She even

reused the belt loops. DIL Velcros the ribbon to the bottom , so she can

interchange it and the ribbon belt... add a new shirt and brand new outfit! She is

good! So go ahead and
think outside the box a little... I know you can think of

some "Priors" to post.

Now these two were just Prior uglies...

After a new paint job, it looks great holding napkins or mail
and the rabbit pan works for the silverware

This just needed paint and a couple of my spring plates... Change out the plates to fit the decor!

So show me something old with a story to tell or something that you've change from its prior purpose...

I can't wait to see what you got!


prior lives party         

Link back so everyone can take a peek!  Since we only do this party once a month I'll leave it open 2 weeks!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sales on Saturday!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 
having the Fairest Sales of them All...

                     And...   Red Shed...

Remember I blogged about Winnie and Tallulah's and Red Shed.

  Highway 80 is holding its annual sale!

Sounds like a fun weekend, BUT I had so much fun and Luck this past weekend... I need to have time to tell y'all about it....

Now, don't forget April 16th is the 2nd Prior Lives Party... so get your post ready... I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

My first grand daughter is 6 months now, so indulge me a little.

My next grand daughter is almost 2 months, pictures coming soon!

Nothing better than being a Grandma!!!