Monday, April 26, 2010

Fruits of the Spirit Tree

Southside is one of the school's in our district. In the background is hope, a Fruit of the Spirit.

Little tree, Suzette, my sister, made all the ornaments, spelling out the each school's name and the "Fruits of the Spirit." It was darling.

The letter beads were purchased at a "just a dollar" type store, that has good craft items.  This was all part of the school reception held for the whole district. Suzette has been in charge of the decorations for awhile now, and I help her.

This little "cloche"is an upturned votive holder placed on a candle holder with a nest and card ornament inside. The word believe was part of a set of magnetic words picked up at, you guessed it, Goodwill.  Cloches were used throughout, for many guests, it was their first introduction to the wonderful world of cloches! tee hee

 This was the sign in table and where the door prize bowl was kept... I came up with this theme, because we are one of the very few exemplary school districts, which is the highest RANK you can have in Texas and we also decorated with village replicas of our home town.  I'll post about them another day.  I was proud when this scene, with a few staging changes, was picked for the  district wide Christmas card!

The snowflakes are cut with our die cut machine from old dictionary sheets. Song sheets would be be great, too... added  Panther paws and a little glitter, of course!

There is sooo much decorations from this one event; I am just sharing one table today, with Jill at her "Junk"le Bells Party , go check it out and join in, Too!

Next year the room we decorate will be part of our town's Christmas Home Tour!!!
We have always done the more traditional colors, with some twists, but this year we are going for the more neutral, snowy, mercury glass, tattered look!  Hope we can pull it off.
It is fun seeing people's reaction to new ideas!

gosh I don't know about these lines, but I'm tired, so just read between the lines! Lezlee


Jill said...

Ha! I read between the lines and read about some great Christmas decorations. We seem to be on the same "page" again! I'm so glad you linked up!

Vicki@MorePowerfulBeyondMeasure said...

Y'all were very busy! Great decorations and wonderful school spirit! Between the lines...too funny! Vicki

Coleen's Corner said...

You always come up with the most awesome ideas! Love the little beads especially :) I'll bet your school is glad to have you and your daughter in their fold!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Great decorations! So wonderful that you are doing your part in spreading the word about the wonderfulness of cloches LOL!


No name said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. What a nice surprise to come over and see Christmas Decor. I could look at Christmas all year round and keep it up in the house just as long. The tree is so cute with it's primitive style.


WhiteWhispers2u said...

Hello~Just wanted to stop bye for a visit and see what's up! It's Christmas Woo~hoo
Darling lil Tree, how fun.

Thanks for saying Hello stop by again for a visit.I'll be back.~Cheers Kim