Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Party...

Posting some pictures of a going away party,
for the librarian at my school...

Chose a spring garden theme with old books, perfect for her...Not so bad, for a two day notice!

This little bird house was bought at First Monday and spray painted ivory to hide the original gold...
The marble topped, brass based stand got some acrylic paint dabbed on it, too. They fit together like they were meant to be... I originally bought the bird house to make a light out of it... we will see...

Two of these were on each side of the bird house completing the centerpiece... I used antique Mason jars in hurricanes with a tea light fitting nicely in the zinc mason jar lid, an egg planter with flower, I used a section of cardboard egg carton for the stand, little bees, and do you recognize the
fortune tellers
from Sara, Jane, & Ki
You can see fortune tellers clearer in other pictures. The mirrors came off my wall, lol, atleast I always remember where I put them, and don't have to store them!
I didn't buy anything for this party, so that made me happy and proud!

I anchored the birdcage on some antique library books. You should have seen the librarian's face! I promised not to spill on them, and was relieved that promise was kept! She really liked me using things that meant something to her, though, and that makes the work worth it all.

I had first thought Red apple,
but, luckily I had green at home;
they turned out to be perfect,
so much more springy!

I have the before picture of this two tier stand... Just goes to show what a little paint will do!
                  The cupcake tree was at Goodwill for a dollar along with the Bunny, which fit just right!

Old books, a spring flower, a #2 pencil, homemade confetti,
and a fortune tellers...

"Write the Next Chapter in Your life"
"Your story Begins Anew"
"Career Opportunities Coming Your Way"
"Turn the Next Page"

Just a few of the fortunes...

Yummy Food!
I used my Spring dishes that I got in Okinawa, Japan at at Typhoon Sale, the boxes had gotten wet and they were selling them for a good deal.

The table centerpieces were all similar,
Epsom salt in the aqua Mason Jars
with antique school books borrowed from my Moma,
and boy does she have plenty!

This piece was originally sold at Pier One, but again, I found it at Goodwill. I added a Mason jar inside. I picked up the red fake flowers at a garage sale for 50 cents and went outside by the ball park to get the greenery a little while before the party. I used burlap and unbleached muslin for the tablecloths... I wanted it to look more garden theme than Easter.

Epsom salt for sparkle and easy clean-up, but sand would be good, too, again I used what I had.

I got the sweetest Thank You note, from the librarian, Nicole. She expressed the party eased the pain of moving on and gave her a good memory, because she could tell I went to a lot of trouble to make the party special and personal to her.... There was a great turnout and everyone was full of praise, but Nicole's words were the sweetest of all.

Have I told y'all before that I love decorating for parties?!?

504 Main
I'm joining the party at Holly's

Donna is throwing a great party as usual. so go on over!

Fillin' mine with Ice Tea!

Who is excited! I am! I love magazines, especially Christmas ones, and I LOVE Matthew Mead's style! So, I know I will LOVE his new bookazine! So I have posted how you can receive yours right in your very own mailbox!


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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Junk'le Bells

A picture of my 30 year old son with Buffy, our dog!

I just use left over ribbon for ties

They really brighten up packages, especially if you use more plain wrapping...

For awhile now, after Christmas , when I have those wonderful, unscheduled days left before school begins, I take down all my Christmas cards and make them into gift tags for the next year. Very relaxing, while allowing me some quite time to think about each person and the uplifting messages on each card.

So this is my entry for this month's Junk'le Bells. Jill wants to get ahead start on some crafts for Christmas, so she has challenged herself by making a fun party where we can

share what we are working on through the year. Great idea, Jill! I really don't make crafts to

sell full time, just occasionally for local charity craft shows, so this is just something that might

make cute tags for home use or pricing.

But, now, I say... let's bring on SPRING!
Junkle Bells " />

Don't forget my Priorlives Party on April 16th!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Winner, Winner!!!

Here's a little flower breaking out if its shell.... It snowed again in Texas

, I know what YOU are really wanting to know is, Who is the winner of the snowflake?, First, though, thank you all sooo much for making my first party a success and loved all the comments, too! I want to try it again next month, April 16th, so get to thinking about your treasures and the prior lives they lived and the stories waiting to be told! I loved what y'all offered up, especially on such short notice... I hope everyone checks them out!

Now, with out further ado... The Stylish House, congratulations!
email me your address, and it will be on its way! I hope you like it!

Well, I was gonna' plant flowers Sunday, but it snowed!
Gotta' love Texas!


I just added some flowers to my snow flakes
in my baby washtub!

Now, on to a little braggin' to add to a fun party over at
Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

It's about signs this Saturday...so

Here are some signs my oldest son, Josh,
free-handed the letters and painted.
This one is in my classroom,
for the kids to say the pledge to each morning.
The Texas history teacher bought one, too.

He's working on our American Pledge one.

This sign was commissioned by Juanita of Juanita's in Malakoff, TX. She said that her little shop was a desire of her Heart that God granted her, so this was the verse for her shop. She bought another similar one to sell. Malakoff has some really cool shops, Curious Goods is located there, they'll be opened up full swing for spring, I hope, right now they are more at First Monday and and W&T's.

A fun day to be had,for sure,
plus it is only 10 or 12 minutes from

Winnie & Tallulah's

This sign was one of the first Joshua made.
It sold at a little craft show we went to in Kemp, TX.
I told him he could do all Joshua verses. 

"sign"ing out

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Help my Tiny House!

Tiny House was born in late Fall. All winter she has just sat and sat and sat...She is such a plain little thing and would like to be dolled up this Spring. I say she needs a window box and shutters. What do y'all say? All of you are so great at this sort of thing, I would love your input, truly.
She is bigger than she looks, because she is so tall, with storage lofts on each side!

Tiny House needs a name, I think.

Maybe, Prior House 114.5
(my house number is 114)

Too big of a tag for such a little one, I think.

maybe, just Prior with a house #114 1/2...hmmm?
what do u think?
most people think I believe in reincarnation! lol
(i think not)

My husband is more practical than I, so no windows in front and Plain Jane Posts, but what colors do you see? My favorite color is RED. But it could be used only as an accent with the door, flowers or chair?

I'm thinking of painting the Big House Green (not that shade) with Cream accents and a colorful door and thought I might practice on Tiny House. Big House has fish scales and original rooms date back to 1903; I can see fish scales up above, can you? It needs some architectural detail, for sure!

I worked on the flower beds, today!!!

If you like my tiny house~ you will love these I posted about!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Spring Break Day...

Charlotte(sister) Valerie(redshedgirl) Suzette(sister) Opal(Moma)
(one sis didn't feel well and another took a trip to NYC)


The Red Shed Girls(owners) Michele Jones, Michele McKechnie, and Valarie Jolly

Picking Red Shed Antiques to explore on our Spring Break Day, we weren't disappointed. Valerie was so sweet. We were reminded again of what a small world it is after comparing notes and realizing we were practically neighbors! I'll let the pictures do the talking. My words wouldn't do it justice. So here goes...

click to enlarge


I wanna curl up with
Flea Market Style magazine...

(they were featured in it)


bathing beauty pillow...
altered art...An array of merchandise~

I just loved Red Shed Antiques.

All the displays were lovely along with the gracious proprietor.

I took a bunch more pics, but you should just go yourself!

We hope to go back in April...

I purchased something...I'll take a picture later

We ate lunch here...Yum, but I'm still partial to our tea room,
The Victorian Lady.

We went to a couple of Secret Places and then...

Next... we went to Terrell...

This place is so Amazing, for all the toil that went into it. It's the traditional antique store, with booths rented to different vendors filled with good stuff, BUT, what is most unique are the booths themselves! Each booth is a representation or replica of a real place in Terrell, like the church, bank, somebody's porch, and on and on... screen doors open and close to the "porch", a bell hangs high from the"church" steeple...all the while shopping, worshipful gospel music envelops, making one feel they've been to church... worth the trip. Don't forget while you're so close to go on to Poetry to Mindy's, she's so fun and so is Primitiques... There is another really cool place, right next to the one in Terrell, unfortunately, they weren't open. A less traditional store, I've really enjoyed browsing through it, before, so I was disappointed.

The weather was good...and a good time was had by All!


It's not too late to join my first party and giveaway:

Friday, March 12, 2010

Prior lives party...and a give away!!!

For the give away?

A snowflake:
rusty wire, vintage buttons, and crystals...

Wednesday 24th of March Winner Announced!

Here are some examples of a prior life:
an old bottle, Goodwill frame, and some used ribbon, vintage buttons, bead board and a key.
Now it is a decoration.

This used to be a rake and sometimes I use it to hang garden tools on, but now, after some poly, I am using it for glasses. Makes me wonder who all used this ole' rusty rake!

I am trying my hand at a
Prior Lives Party.

First, a few explanations 'cause many of you are saying,

I hope this will be a fun topic to get you thinking about the things you have around your place and the prior lives they have to tell and, or different ways you have transformed a piece from its original use...if I get some interest I might try it on a monthly bases...so here goes!

1. Link up any post (old or new) to show off your treasures! It can be anything that you want to show off that you have changed or transformed into something else or is just old and has a story to tell, because of its Prior life!

2. Add a link to your specific post, not the main page of your blog.

3. Link to this party from your post so everyone can get in on the fun. Go check out everyones and leave a comment so they'll know you care~ You can just grab my button if it works!

Now for the give away, some more explaining to do...

  1. Leave a comment~one chance
  2. Already a follower or become one~ one chance
  3. Blog about party and leave a link~ one chance
Good LUCK!!!!