Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Party...

Posting some pictures of a going away party,
for the librarian at my school...

Chose a spring garden theme with old books, perfect for her...Not so bad, for a two day notice!

This little bird house was bought at First Monday and spray painted ivory to hide the original gold...
The marble topped, brass based stand got some acrylic paint dabbed on it, too. They fit together like they were meant to be... I originally bought the bird house to make a light out of it... we will see...

Two of these were on each side of the bird house completing the centerpiece... I used antique Mason jars in hurricanes with a tea light fitting nicely in the zinc mason jar lid, an egg planter with flower, I used a section of cardboard egg carton for the stand, little bees, and do you recognize the
fortune tellers
from Sara, Jane, & Ki
You can see fortune tellers clearer in other pictures. The mirrors came off my wall, lol, atleast I always remember where I put them, and don't have to store them!
I didn't buy anything for this party, so that made me happy and proud!

I anchored the birdcage on some antique library books. You should have seen the librarian's face! I promised not to spill on them, and was relieved that promise was kept! She really liked me using things that meant something to her, though, and that makes the work worth it all.

I had first thought Red apple,
but, luckily I had green at home;
they turned out to be perfect,
so much more springy!

I have the before picture of this two tier stand... Just goes to show what a little paint will do!
                  The cupcake tree was at Goodwill for a dollar along with the Bunny, which fit just right!

Old books, a spring flower, a #2 pencil, homemade confetti,
and a fortune tellers...

"Write the Next Chapter in Your life"
"Your story Begins Anew"
"Career Opportunities Coming Your Way"
"Turn the Next Page"

Just a few of the fortunes...

Yummy Food!
I used my Spring dishes that I got in Okinawa, Japan at at Typhoon Sale, the boxes had gotten wet and they were selling them for a good deal.

The table centerpieces were all similar,
Epsom salt in the aqua Mason Jars
with antique school books borrowed from my Moma,
and boy does she have plenty!

This piece was originally sold at Pier One, but again, I found it at Goodwill. I added a Mason jar inside. I picked up the red fake flowers at a garage sale for 50 cents and went outside by the ball park to get the greenery a little while before the party. I used burlap and unbleached muslin for the tablecloths... I wanted it to look more garden theme than Easter.

Epsom salt for sparkle and easy clean-up, but sand would be good, too, again I used what I had.

I got the sweetest Thank You note, from the librarian, Nicole. She expressed the party eased the pain of moving on and gave her a good memory, because she could tell I went to a lot of trouble to make the party special and personal to her.... There was a great turnout and everyone was full of praise, but Nicole's words were the sweetest of all.

Have I told y'all before that I love decorating for parties?!?

504 Main
I'm joining the party at Holly's

Donna is throwing a great party as usual. so go on over!

Fillin' mine with Ice Tea!


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

love the decorations! It certainly looks spring-time festive.

The fortune tellers were a great idea. The old books and love the old mason jars!

Beautiful tables, beautiful party--
yes, I can tell you love to decorate for parties.

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

An absolutely gorgeous and meaningful tablescape...well done!!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

What a pretty tablescape...thanks for bringing it to my NTT party!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

WOW! I am very impressed! You did a fabulous job decorating for this party. I bet she loved it, it's wonderful!

Coleen's Corner said...

Impressive! You did a beautiful job.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Thank you for your sweet visit! What a wonderful setting you created! I love your centerpieces and decorating -- the food looks yummy too -- I'm sure this was a delightful gathering - thanks for sharing.

shannon i olson said...

How beautiful! You did a wonderful job!!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Love the decorations! Hey...that looks like the library at my old school! Funny how all school libraries look alike! Happy week!...Debbie

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Looks great!

nancy said...

Oh my goodness! It is all so wonderful!

Debra@CommonGround said...

How wonderful and appropriate, I'm sure she was thrilled! It's a darling tablescape Love the mason jars.

Margo said...

I love decorating with books, it all looks wonderful. My son and his girlfriend, have called off the wedding, so I'm not gonna be doing my centerpieces. OH well, it is for the best.

Anne Lorys said...

That's quite a lovely bash you threw there! Everything looks very Spring-y, and I love that so much of it is done with thrift store finds. :-)

Have a wonderful Thursday!

The Floppy Cow said...

Wonderful job,everything looked so pretty!

The Whistle Stop said...

You are so creative! She had to feel quite special with all the effort you put into the party.

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

How wonderful that you put so much love into that sweet lady's luncheon! It turned out really beautifully. I hope you and your famiy hae a wonderful Easter, Lezlee! And we will have to meet up in Canton someday :))

Unknown said...

Could you please come throw me a party?

Rettabug said...

I adore those tiered plate holders!! Oh my, such sweetness! I know your co-worker was thrilled beyond words when she saw all that you did to make her departure memorable & special.

Anonymous said...

It looks like it was a great (and pretty!) party. That birdcage with the candles is so cute.

Holly Lefevre said...

I am so behind, but here nonetheless.

This is a great party...Perfectly decorated for the occasion...that is a luck librarian!

The details - the fortune catchers the bird cage, the old books - all delightful.


sandy said...

I found your link! The table is so beautiful and now I am suddenly very hungry! Loved what you did with the mason jars, so very lovely.