Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Engagement Pictures~ A Leap of Faith

Laura and Josh...."at last"...having a little trouble getting the wedding pictures loaded...posting soon, I hope!

Gina Brown of "Captured by Grace" took this cool shot.

Happy Leap Year

Sunday, February 19, 2012

East Texas Getaway

I had a four day weekend, because we hadn't used a snow day, and William had a day to burn before March, so we went on a little trip to Mineola, Texas.  I would recommend Pine Tree Bed and Breakfast the food was yummy and the atmosphere relaxing.  Here are some pics I snagged from the internet...it was mostly rainy when we were there, but still nice to sit on the porch.  The lake is not part of the B and B, but you get a perfect view of it to enjoy,  with all kinds of birds coming up to the many feeders on the property.

I'll just let the pics do most of the talking...

This is at the back of our little cottage...Hollee's Cottage, where we stayed two nights.

This is in the back yard of the owners house,
 where they will light a fire for you
 and provide s'mores fixin's.
 The cabin where you see the little back porch, to the left, was our place.

 A front view of Hollee's Cottage...it sports brown paint, now, but still as cute, just a little doll house.

So sunny, even with our rainy days...light came in so prettily.  They provided Direct TV, dvd's, and good reading material.  I started the book, "All About Him", by Denise Jackson (Alan Jackson's wife), so now I have to buy it, to be able to finish, lol.  It really is good.  Also, we brought along the dvd, "Courageous"...very worthwhile movie. There is a little electric fireplace in this room.

The cottage had a tropical theme...this was the only wildly decorated room and not my favorite decor.

I might have just gone for a more subdued lake cottage theme, but it is fun. 

I did LOVE the little bed against the wall, though.

This dresser matched the wardrobe in the bedroom.

Isn't this kitchen too darling?  On the other end was a sunny table and two comfy upholstered chairs to take in the  lake view,  while enjoying the wonderful breakfast, brought to the porch at 9:00 each morning. 
 I could get used to this kind of life, right quick!

The bed is a queen, which is what we are used too, but it was almost too soft.

We didn't have wine, like in this pic, but they did leave some delicious cheese cake in the little pink fridge for us and William let me eat both slices, hee hee.

There are antique shops galore along with plenty of eating places in Mineola, even a playhouse....It was a fun little getaway, close to home. 
This trip fell right after Valentine's Day and right before our 34th anniversary on March 3rd.

 If you find, like many of us, you can't get away for a big vacation,
then take my advice and do a mini vacation,
they are sometimes less stressful and therefore can be more fun.

Still Vacationing

Friday, February 10, 2012

Nursery Glider

my daughter, Jodi, recovered this glider for her sis-n-law, she did a great job!
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Finally...My Fresh Towel Holder, Chalk Board, and Button Snowflakes

Well, we finally made it to Mindy's to pick up my sweet red rack! I purchased from her FB page...but first, we wanted to stop at a couple of other favorite places...they were not open, yet, so I took one look at the two gals waiting in the car next to us, and asked, "Hey, do you want to follow us to another cool place, instead of just waiting around for these stores to open?" After they answered, "Yes."   I warned them, U-turns would be involved and sure enough, I was right, but it was worth it!  And, I was happy to bring some new shoppers to The P!  Would you have followed complete strangers down winding country roads, just for the promise of good junk?  Oh, we got some other good things, wait and see!

I  used a chalk pen to write on here...
I told my family, when I bought new towels,
"Now, you guys can use these...I just wanted some new ones." 
...Still, everyone who came in kept asking me....
so, when I wanted to write something on the flat surfaces, 
  I just thought, shoot,  I know just the thing!
...Still, no one has used one!

Another finally, lol, 
finally, my sign doesn't say "Merry Christmas" anymore! 
I thought "my heart" saying would be appropriate for Valentine's.

and finally, I love my button snowflakes,
so ~ they will be renamed, stars, after the winter season...
and stay up indefinitely !