Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meandering Minds Want to Know.

 You know how it's "OK", if family talks about family, but you don't want anyone else, too? Well, someone, in my family, I am very found of, is getting on my last nerve, lately.   I mean, it is one thing if you want to have 100 degrees or more days, but having your low be close to 80 degrees, in June, is just ridiculous, Texas! You just need to straighten up! lol 

Does anyone else feel the same!  
How'd I ever grow up without A.C.!
Maybe, I had a TREE HOUSE!!!

My chocolate pie story,
along with some other yummy desserts are featured at Simply Sweet Home,
go check it out!
No calories are involved while just looking! But, it does make me want a Hershey Bar!

Suzette will be decorating for a friend's daughter's wedding in July, and I'm helping. 
Here's some pics of the shower, to let you know the color scheme...
I'll have some cute crafts to show you, when we get back. 
It will be fun and we get to go out of town for the night! 
Anyone know of good shopping places in Georgetown, Texas??? 

Love the hobnail and these and these decorations were made from a poster mailing tube! 

Don't forget the Red Shed Sale
Prior Lives Party!
There's still time!

I'm heading to my Tree House!
Wanna' come?


Amy Kinser said...

That chocolate pie looks incredible. I would love to have a great big piece with an ice cold glass of milk right about now.

le Chef said...

Tree house?
Do you really have a tree house?

Because I can do the squatter thing, really. Especially if it's anything like your bathrooms ;)

Mindy said...

You might try Gatherings in Georgetown. And yes. Texas is my family, too. And it is hackin' me off with the heat. Whew! ~Mindy

glor said...

Ohhh, that pie looks amazing, its calling me! I have to look away quickly. Can't wait to see the crafts you are going to show us!!!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Lezlee....!!!! Chocolate pie is my ALL TIME FAVE food group....hahahahaha....!

LOL....I spent 6 months in Texas AGES ago & I would NEVER have made it to the other side without GREAT aircon....Texas in the summer is HOTHOTHOTHOT HOT....!

Cheers lovey,
Tamarah :o)

Unknown said...

So what are you trying to do to us, a chocolate pie that looks like heaven on earth, and a tree house...all that in one blog...come on, kiddo.

Unknown said...

Hey Pri...
Care to share how you get your letters to scrunch up so clost together...Love that look...
actually it would be your sentences...
no hurt feelings if no....

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Oh Lezlee...the chocolate pie looks SO good...

Granny said...

We've been having weather that is almost that bad here in Indiana. I think mother nature is PMSing again.

Oh lordy that chocolate pie looks good. I wish I could make good homemade pie crust. I hate to admit it but I just can't.

Love the decorations. That's smart using carboard tubes. Those colors really pop.

Coleen's Corner said...

Tree house? I'll be right over! I remember our first air conditioner, a lovely "wall" unit. We sat in the living room covered with quilts and placed a floor fan in the hall to draw the air to the bedrooms that were still stuffy. When we wanted a distraction from the heat, we'd head out of town and go to the farm where it always seemed to be breezy and cool. Oh the memories you stir up in me!

Holly Lefevre said...

What's worse it is 56 degrees and foggy in central coastal does not feel like summer. A treehouse...jealous!

Unknown said...

I found your blog when you commented on my photo from our shoot. your blog is wonderful..I love the old hotel photo . how fun to have restored it instead of it being torn down. I love a tree house and I had the match to your red iron bed!!!! I will visit often
Jane Coslick

Unknown said...

I just stopped by to say thanks for your sweet comments on my patio pillows. But now I see you are having pie. When will the pie be served? No now! Cause this picture reminds me of my grandma' chocolate pie with meringue. No silly whipped cream covered pie for our family, it was meringue or nothing.
Thanks again