Wednesday, November 30, 2011

oh my goodness!

 Updated: Here is a link to Channel 8 WFAA's Website where some pics and story on our Tea AND we will be on the tour Saturday, so come to the Tri-County Library Saturday at noon, for brunch and get your ticket.  My friend Susie's house will be on the tour too, and it is fabulous, as I am sure all the others will be!


and if you can't make it then, I could show you around another time.

I am making the big bloggy No No.  I don't have any pics, too tired, BUT, if you live anywhere near me, you have to come see how we decorated the board room this year for the Christmas Tea, really I'll give you a tour, because we are not on the Mabank Home Tour this year.  Just email me if you want to come, for real!


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The Whistle Stop said...

Would love too... but, too busy and too far away! Best of luck with the tea! I borrowed your silhouette ideas from last year for our window at the new store. My sketches are not as good as yours, but they sure draw attention to our window!
Happy Holidays!
Lauire :)