Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Extreme Tree Trim

Don't forget to click on any picture that you would like to enlarge... The darling baby wash tub I bought at Winnie and Tallulah's from Mindy, a dealer there. 

Also, notice the framed picture of the footprint Rudolph to the left, that is my grand daughter's and my first craft together, she was only 2 months old, what a sweet, tiny foot. This was a surprise for Mommy and Daddy.

Designer tree ready for the show.... 
See story of how it was made.

The vintage button snow flakes I made for the sale....

For the Christmas show I wanted a really cool designer-like tree, but not the price-tag, so I began messing with this old 6 foot tree I've had for years, from the $ General store. First, I thought I'd see if I could bleach it, to make it a little different looking, well it didn't bleach, but it did make the metal parts rusty. So, I decided I would give it an extreme trim, so the ornaments, we are selling, would stand out. I trimmed all the needles down to the nubs. It took awhile and I first thought I might just have some branches to stick in the washtub, but you know us junkers we are nothing if not determined, or stubborn.

Some of the keyboard and snowflake ornaments for the show...

After the extreme trim, I ran crystals and lights up the middle with crystals on most of the branches.I put the lights on where it can still be taken apart and put back together easily.

After the show in my T.V. room

Got Present??? 
Not so subtle subliminal message. Ho Ho Ho...
topper just old rusty wires, word cards, and Christmas balls with more crystals, of course.



judi said...

Lezlee, LOVE the tree and how you decorated it...can't believe you found this at the dollar store!? You have awesome dollar stores in your area! The baby washtub is to die for...love the rusty legs. Thanks for your contributions to JMS...you've been an inspiration. Merry Christmas!

alice said...

Wish we were closer too! Of course Mabank is just a hop, skip, & jump from Benbrook! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I really have been wanting to come to W. & T.'s I still love your hair cut tree!!!!! The reindeer foot is precious. I know her parents will love it. Have a wonderful holiday season.
smiles, alice

Unknown said...

Lezlee, I had no idea you were so talented! Shouldn't be surprised, I guess you get it from your mom. Didn't know you had a blog either. So glad I found you! Love what you've done with Scrabble tiles! Happy New Year!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Just wanted to say, Thanks for joining my blog-- I see you don't live very far from me by the mention of Canton and possible zip code similarities...anyway, you posted a comment on my blog yesterday, but in my rush to post the comments and clean out the 'inbox' I think I deleted it before it posted.


anyway, i think you said you're new to blogging-- me too sort of. I am new to blogging on this blog -- I had another before but closed it down for a short stint and never went back to it. Now I am able and have more free time to blog. I love it!

It is an outlet.

Anyway... see you around the blogsphere! again, Thanks for joining my new blog.

The Whistle Stop said...

I love your button snowflake! Every Holiday Season I do a customer appreciation event and charity event at my little seasonal store. I have a gift for each customer and the theme next year is ... if on a Winter's night. The snowflakes would be perfect. Would you by chance share how you make them? Love all your ideas.
I'm a teacher's aide too.

Jill said...

What a perfect post for Junkle Bells! You are awesome at repurposing!!

Jessa said...

That tree is so adorable! Love love love the crystals, especially the swirrly crystal decorations near the got presents (which are beyond adorable themselves) signs. Love that you tried to bleach it too, that is my kind of thrifty!!