Thursday, October 21, 2010

Advise Me Please!

I need help...I can't make anymore decisions...

Really, HELP!!!!!!

My new stairs are done~ Now just need to finish painting...
The treads will be black and the risers white, 
so a lot of tedious painting ahead.   

I need to dig out a real before picture...
just planks nailed across boards...
We tore down the old living room and went up with a two story...
I'll look for some old, before digital shots. 
This picture was taken yesterday.
Now, here is where you can help, please!  My door is just unpainted factory~ light blue gray, though it does look white here.  I also have French doors on the opposite side wall...Should I just do the doors white or a color?  White against the white trim...??? My walls are yellow and of course the stairs will have black and white and you know I will have some red around...hmmm. 
I don't like to paint big projects, just little artsy crafty stuff.
Do you like to paint?  Do you live close, lol!  

Now, for another problem.... WHAT TO DO?  
paw print pattern, maybe? 
What is this cat gonna do while waiting for an oil based paint to 
slowly........ dry?!?

Flash 2

You step up to my kitchen. It is pier and beam...The new part is concrete...we stained the concrete and will just have a huge rug...Maybe a bound carpet remnant. We did that all the time, when living in military housing with all tile floors.  You can get the best quality carpet, for a decent price, that way, and usually the carpet store will bind it for you, for a price.

Just a few more shots...

William built the addition and put up the stairs, but  never finished them, just roughed in, so his nephew Danny finished them, so nice. It was his first full blown stairs and ours are steeper than the standard. I think he did a great job! We had a mini work day Saturday and all the kids came by and cleaned, painted and puttied. I took a break and watched the grand babies, yep...I know where the real fun is!  I think I'll vote for Josh to finish the painting of the stairs...I don't think it is going to be easy, 
that black and white...
but I've got it pictured.

I just don't know...Do you ever just wonder if it is just all a big mess? Would I decorate way differently, if money was no issue? Would I have a certain style?  I mean, I like so many different things and styles and parts of this old house have been around over one hundred years.( It rambles like me...) Sometimes I wish I could put a label on how I put together my house...but they don't make labels that has been going on a long 13 years...
off and on, with high spots, like the stairs, but no real end.
Does it truly just look like a small version of Goodwill? 
Is it eclectic or is that just a nice way to say,
" Nothing goes, but she's a friendly girl."

Anyway, you can see by this rambling, that I need HELP! 

I noticed that this is post 99! I will try to do better on 100! 

Seriously, I would love get some suggestions!

being dramatic

just like my new staircase!


Tete said...

Oh honey, calm down and take a bubble bath.
I think the doors will look better white.
1- if you paint them a different color than the trim- they will appear smaller and the area chopped.
2- You focal point is the staircase and you don't want to take away from that.
3- but whatever color you end up doing you need to do all the doors the same.
Love the hardware on the front door- continue that color in all the doorknobs and your curtain rods as well. Also if you bring in metallic lamps- use that color

Now for puss- kennel her for the time it takes for the stairs to dry.
Either in a room set up with litter box and food and water bowls or a small cage kennel with the same.
Better yet, it you have someone who can cat sit for a day or two, that would be awesome.

I am lovin the bead board on the side of the stairs. It may be the camera angle, but it doesn't look like you have very much clearance from the door way and the first step. Is it that close that when someone comes in that they can trip over that first step? With it painted black, it may be hard to see against your stained concrete floors. A simple solution will be to put a rug at the landing in a lighter complimentary color that contrasts well against the black step so it is no longer hidden.

I love the color combinations you have going on in here. Remember though, that black shows more dirt and dust than white. You will be forever cleaning those stairs.

Especially with fluffy kitty being orange and white.

I so want to see how you finish this off! And are rugs are my favorite thing ever!

Hope this helps- Tete

Lindy said...

You had me at "we torn down the living room and went up with a two story....."

Granny said...

I would go with white doors and as Tete said, kennel kitty while the steps dry. Looks like that is his/her favorite spot to watch what goes on.

kimmykats said...

Go with the white. Kitty prints could be a new decorating trend.....I am all for the bubble bath too. You will do fine just take a deep breath!

trash talk said...

I for one love when the steps are painted white on top and black on bottom. I've seen this done and always think it looks so clean and crisp. I've also seen numbers stenciled on each riser and I LOVE it. Always wanted a staircase to do that to.
Y'all did a fabulous job...all of you. Watching kids can be a tough job
I'll tell you what I did with my front door although I think I broke every decorating rule when I did it. I love a red front door, but my home is B&W on the painted the outside red and the inside black. Looks long as I don't leave the door open! You know a red door means "Welcome" and who wouldn't feel welcomed in your charming home!
That my 2 cents worth...add in 98 more and you can get a coffee at McD's!
P.S. I suggest a bottle of wine to go with that bubble bath!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

lezlee... whoa! I thought I was the only one that got so stressed over paint/color/changes!
I'm here to listen, but that's about all. I have NO design ideas. I'm excited for you. Poor kitty. I know my babies would not like to be crated for such a task. Good luck with that.
When I painted Jamie's stairs, I painted every other one (so they could still be used while the paint cured)
bubble bath sounds like the best place to start. Relax, and clear your mind.

judi said...

my first thought was red or black door...i like a punch of color here or there...but i like things out of the ordinary- a decorating rebel am i! it looks beautiful so far.
judi ;)

The Green Pea said...

Hello Lezlee, your home is going to be beautiful!
I think I would paint the doors white. Your stairs are going to be the focal point. I painted
my front door black, I love it but it shows the dust. It is a lot of work to keep up with the dust. I painted the stairs in my store a creamy white and they are easy to keep clean. They do not show the dust. Don't worry, you have a good eye for decorating. Hugs, sandi

Rebecca said...

I wouldn't know where to begin with a new house-it's always wait and then wait and then wait some more to get anything done around here. I think that's why I'm always buying more stuff-we don't ever seem to get to the big stuff-how exciting for you-it will look wonderful whatever you decide!

Anonymous said...

Lezlee, they do have a name for our design style -- it's called "evolved", and yours certainly has! What a fantabulous project. No sweat on the door color-- you've done all the hard work already. The easy part is painting those doors and I think you should stick with what you know will NOT be a mistake, which is WHITE, like you woodwork and banisters.

I toyed around in my mind thinking that a black door would look good, but it really might just make it look smaller since the wood work is white and I would def stick with the white woodwork. So WHITE IT IS!!! And almost everyone seems to be in agreement with that I think. Decision made?

I love that you stained the concrete and are going to do an area rug. You really have a lot of great upbeat ideas. Another word for tiyr style would be "eclectic", the combination of different "evolved" styles. See how great your style is. You took the contemporary stained concrete, paired it with traditional details of your stairway, and some cottage-style decor. Combine it all and you have a masterpiece. Those elements don't happen overnight.

And I've wondered also about whether I would do it differently if I had limitless funds. I don't think I would know HOW to do it differently (haha), and I KNOW I will never had unlimited funds -- in fact, things just keep getting tighter and tighter. Not complaining. It just means we have to continue to get more creative.

You've done wonderfully, Lezlee. I'm so tickled for you.

Coleen's Corner said...

Yep. I'm thinkin' white too. But I reckon you could leave the door for last and see what trips your trigger : )

Donna said...

Wow, sounds like you've got your work cut our for you! I think Tete has the right idea to paint the door white. Good luck! Bet you will be glad when it's all done!

Tricia said...

Hi Lezlee! I would go with white...just match it to the trim. You don't want to have too much going on and you want to focus on how nice the steps are going to look.

I love your orange kitty, he looks like he has claimed his spot :)

hilary@oldhousetruelove said...

I think white... I can't wait to see the finish! :)

glor said...

Wow, what wonderful work you are doing. The door, probably white. The stair case ... love the railing in the black and white. Your home will be magnificient.

Susanne said...

Call your style Bohemian (unfortunately mines gone past that to schizophrenic). Love the stained concrete floors. I'm wondering how that went with you living there. We had some done before we moved in but I'd like to do some on the exterior. Do you think this is a job best left to professionals?

White doors to match the trim, but how about color on the outside.

The black and white stairs are going to look fantastic. If this is your only stair case paint every other step so you can still use it.

Poor kitty is going to have to find someplace else to live for a couple days.

Vicki@MorePowerfulBeyondMeasure said...

Black doors! I have them and love them. But Jan's right, you won't go wrong if you leave them white.
I am loving your house and I'm paying close attention to those stairs...changing ours soon and I need ideas. Don't work too hard out west!

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

Can't wait to see those finished stairs....I painted all the doors in my house black (the trim is white and walls cream)---I LOVE THE BLACK DOORS--they really pop!!
Happy day...can't wait to see what you decide!
PS I have an older post on my blog showing the black doors if you want to have a look--I think it is from Feb or March or April 2010. xo

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

Here's the link to a glimpse of the black doors..


kym said...

I like the idea of doing the steps white, the risers black...and then waiting to see the doors until everything is done. Also, the idea of doing every other step is great! I will remember that when we do ours. :)
And it is nice that others stress, but remember the door can wait, and just take your time!*Hugs*