Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bed Spring Arch, Christmas Bling

Well, I didn't get much Christmas Decor on my blog, but I am posting this, because I'll soon do it up for Valentine's Day, because I loved it with the RED!

Here is where I first posted about my bed spring arch.

We had a ball with the grand daughters this Christmas!

These stairs still aren't finished, 
sometimes there are just some jobs
that seem like they will never be done, 
and this isn't even a hard one, really...
but looking at this picture I see a lot that is done!

 procrastornating, late, cluttered, out of season...

Lezlee                      Tickled Pink at 504 Main


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Your granddaughters are adorable, such big cute smiles.
That bed spring arch is amazing and really will work for any season. What a great idea.

The Whistle Stop said...

Such cute girls! We're not old enough to be grandma's... are we? ha! Love the spring arch. Your home is just wonderful!
Laurie :)
p.s. you got way more done than I did. I didn't even get a tree up this year. First time in our 30 years of marriage! Oh, well... always a first time for everything!

Tete said...

I love it all and those two cuties in those red chairs are adorable.
I love that pretty.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Your house looks Holiday ready to me.
I too am one that DID NOT get a tree up this year.

as the spring arch. Over the double door... So when you're not decorating for a holiday; how do you decorate it?
Do you use fabric, burlap, lace,raffia...? What?

do you leave it up all year?

Oh, one of my favorite things you've done...I saw in the bottom photo...way over by the door. That cute little window treatment- with the hanger and paper shade.

Love, love, love that one!

See ya!

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

I sure love that spring arch, all rusty & perfect... Your Sweet little Grands are Adorable too. So happy to have found your blog, I am a new follower, Hope you will get to stop by My Blog, I'm having a Give-Away...
Have a wonderful weekend

alice said...

Looks beautiful. Those grands are the best ! Hope your holiday was wonderful as well.
Smiles, alice

Daphne said...

I think that bed spring arch is going to serve you well for many holidays! Your granddaughters must love coming over to see the lovely decor for each season.

Mom2347 said...

I love this arch! I found you doing a search for bed springs projects. Alas, there is no blog name watermark on the photos, so if I save it to my computer (which I did, to be honest) I will probably forget where it came from! A blogging buddy introduced me to that idea. Makes sense.