Thursday, March 18, 2010

Help my Tiny House!

Tiny House was born in late Fall. All winter she has just sat and sat and sat...She is such a plain little thing and would like to be dolled up this Spring. I say she needs a window box and shutters. What do y'all say? All of you are so great at this sort of thing, I would love your input, truly.
She is bigger than she looks, because she is so tall, with storage lofts on each side!

Tiny House needs a name, I think.

Maybe, Prior House 114.5
(my house number is 114)

Too big of a tag for such a little one, I think.

maybe, just Prior with a house #114 1/2...hmmm?
what do u think?
most people think I believe in reincarnation! lol
(i think not)

My husband is more practical than I, so no windows in front and Plain Jane Posts, but what colors do you see? My favorite color is RED. But it could be used only as an accent with the door, flowers or chair?

I'm thinking of painting the Big House Green (not that shade) with Cream accents and a colorful door and thought I might practice on Tiny House. Big House has fish scales and original rooms date back to 1903; I can see fish scales up above, can you? It needs some architectural detail, for sure!

I worked on the flower beds, today!!!

If you like my tiny house~ you will love these I posted about!


Unknown said...

Hi, I love your little house, and I do think you need to add some dimension...small shutters and window boxes on the windows.
I would paint the door red, like you, it's my favorite color, maybe a white rocker and a white pot of red geraniums on the side where there is not steps...and on the wall by the steps I would make a sign "Welcome to "The Little House" to give that wall something to do....
Red says welcome...
that's my idea, what will you do with your little house...
hugs, glenda

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Oh how cool!

Your own Little House. What are you going to do with it? I'm practical- so it helps to know the purpose of the Little House... a place for Tea and Rest? Or a place to work- like an office? Will people visit-casually or for business?
Then go from there.

I think if you have fish scales on the big house-- then definitely on the Little house.
I like red for the door.
Some plants too.

I like it.
I hope it is a play house for you. And not a work house.
Let us know what you decide and definitely POST!

Prior said...

Oh, you know how it goes. I've been married going on 33 years and Hubs says I'll build you a house for your stuff/playroom, But he doesn't have a tool room at the moment...So you know the rest of the story, but it will eventually be my little hideout... Maybe I'll let the grand daughters take tea with me! Ice tea, of course! Lezlee

Barbara Jean said...

Well, even if his things are in it, how fun you get to decorate the outside.
How wide is it?
Would two small fake windows fit on each side of the door?
What about white rails around the 'porch.'
I would probably save red as an accent color with flowers, bot on the porch, and the flower box, and the flower bed. Shutters definitely!!
I love white, so the front door is great to me, and would do white shutters and flower box.
There needs to be some kind of architectural piece above the door, on that blank space. not sure what.
half circle window? Trim?

Cannot wait to see it all done.

blessings and thanks for letting us decorate with you on "little House".
Barbara jean

PS I am having fun with some new plans for my store, so may be picking your brain too. =)

judi said...

From one junker to another...i'm sure that you will find some wonderful "junk" to decorate your little house. I agree with the suggestion of the faux windows on the front. Find some old wooden windows and either screen them or put mirrors behind to give the illusion of real ones. Perhaps a trellis of sorts on the one side of porch opposite stairs along with a flower bed alongside the porch foundation. The red door idea is great too with a junk wreath hanging on it!
Can't wait to see the final reveal.
~judi ;)

littlethings1 said...

All I can say is is soooo cute ! I am sure you will come up with many fabuous ideas to make it your own !

Coleen's Corner said...

Yep. I definitely see fish scales - and a cute scallop edging the tiny little porch roof. Maybe some spindle posts too, but they are hard to come by/create. No matter what, I'm sure you will create some splendid eye candy for us!

Embellished Bayou said...

How cute! I agree, window boxes would be adorable, and maybe some flower beds along the sides. If you don't want to paint the door yet, just add a fun wreath or handmade sign to spruce it up!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

That liitle house is gonna be so cute. It already looks good. I use to live in a duplex and my address was 1007 1/2. Very confusing to people but I liked it.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Adorable! I will take one please.How sweet she is.Red is my Fav as well.Enjoy~Kim

glor said...

What a great little house .. how big is it anyway. Red door, absolutely. I really like the name Prior House with 114 1/2 as the number. Whatever you do to it will be fabulous as it is wonderful as it is now!

Ana said...

Hi Lezlee,
What a sweet little house. I bet you'll have tons of fun dressing her up....I love red too. I think a red door would look nice. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Hugs and Kisses,